Making Time for Your Beagle

If you take a look at the purebred or beagle-mix adoption bulletin boards, you'll see that there are many reasons that cause people to give up their beagle. One of the more common ones is that the demands of a busy family, especially one with young children or a baby on the way, means that the beagle no longer gets much attention. People feel guilty about the situation and believe their dog would be happier and better off in a new home. They hope for large fenced yards, children who will play for hours with the dog, or a retired couple who will stay home all day. Some yearn for a farm for their beagle, where he or she can run around and be busy all day. But in reality not many families have a huge fenced yard; children are usually busy with friends and activities; retired couples either don't stay home all day, or if they do they are not the right owners for an active breed of dog. And as for a farm, well, who could trust a beagle on a farm?

For those of you who are considering adding a beagle to your family, talk to friends who have a dog to get a realistic idea of what's involved in having a pet. Beagles are active dogs who need exercise and attention. They are pack animals who want to be with their family. Don't add a beagle to yours unless you're willing to treat him or her as a member of the family.

And if you already have a beagle but feel you don't have time, think creatively! Does she enjoy riding in the car? Take her along when you run errands or take the kids to their activities. Bring him along to the pet store when you buy dog food. Hire a responsible child in the neighborhood to take your beagle for a walk, or better yet, spend 20 minutes less on the computer and go out for a walk with your beagle yourself!

I asked for other suggestions on ways to make time for your beagle, and here are some of the wonderful ideas that people provided:

If we will be gone for a long period of time our beagle goes to my husband's parent's house. They are retired and love the company of their "granddog" without having the commitment of a dog of their own.

my family and i have been making a ritual of sunday breakfast in the park since we got our beagle 2 years ago, it gives the family time to bond with him and he loves the attention he gets from everyone

I do agility with my beagle. We both love it and it is great exercise for both of us.

Every afternoon after my husband and I got off work and even on the weekends, we walk both of our beagles around 2 blocks and in the back yard. They have a fenced in back yard and a doggie door to go in and out whenever they want to. Also it has helped to have two beagles so the one will not get lonely while my husband and I work. My husband is a diabetic and he needs to exercise some, even though it is only just a walk around the block. My husband and I are in our 50's so we do not have grandchildren yet, so we treat our beagles as our children. They have feelings also.

Take your dog to your children's outdoor activities. For example, many soccer fields allow dogs on a leash. Your beagle will also get loads of good socialization with all of the other people and children there that will want to say hello to your beagle!

Beagles are very social and need to be with other dogs. Play dates (at the dog run, or with another dog mom or dad) are a good thing. My beagle very often spends time with my niece's Cavallier King Charles Spaniel and both dogs benefit from not living like "an only child".

Take a short walk...even if you only have time to go around the block...our beagle has a huge yard that she can run around in whenever she wants but she loves the adventure of a walk...even if it is just around the block.

Take 15 or 20 minutes to make sure you have some playtime (in addition to the walking). Our dog is addicted to fetching tennis balls and loves to show off for us every night.

Talk to your beagle. They love the attention. While you are busy around the house doing the dishes, laundry, etc., talk to them. Also, if you are on the computer alot or watch alot of television, put a bed for them nearby so they feel they belong with you, and once again, say something to them once in awhile or just simply smile when they look your way. KimK

Our schedule is different every day - but we find time morning and afternoon/evening to do things with him. Play in the house or play out back. We love to race each other down our long hallway in the house. He loves it and is burning some of his energy at the same time.

While I'm out in the yard pooper scooping, I throw the ball, frisbee, whatever to work off some of that hound energy.

We keep a little wooden back massager on the coffee table, so when we're watching tv our beagle Molly gets a back rub.

My husband, older kids and I simply take turns paying attention to our beagle. We have a newborn and when someone is playing with the baby, another person pays special attention to the beagle baby. This also helps us feel more secure with the dog and baby being together. We think he won't feel threatened by the baby or feel jealous. So far he is just sweet and protective of the baby.

Take him to work if you can, they don't take up much room and everyone loves them! Going visiting to a friend's house? Bring your sniffer along to visit too!

Kongs.. they love them..I have two beagles. Rawhides..Play find the treat .just throw them into a room..let them sniff..Dinnertime..they love to watch me cook..they just love to sniff the air..scratch the dinnerwasher and stove..lick those..hard to clean plates..

Exercise is a great stress reliever when you are feeling overwhelmed by your busy life. Make sure to take some 'alone time' and take a walk with your dog. The 15 minutes it takes to walk around the block will help clear your mind and give you a little workout.

What better excuse to get out of the house and away from all of the craziness than "I have to walk the dog"?

We play "hide and seek" with our hounds, one of us will take some treats and go hide somewhere in the house. The two beagles will run all over the house, up and down the stairs, looking (and sniffing) around for us. When they find us, we all get very excited. They love this game and all we have to say is, "hide and seek?" and they go nuts! It's a great game to play when you are stuck indoors in the winter. They tucker out quickly and need a nap after about 15 minutes of play.

I have owned and loved 4 beagles, and each time one passes on, I always feel guilty for not spending enough time showering them with love and affection (of which I always spent plenty, but could have always given more). Don't wait until it's too late. Love them while they're here!

My beagles get their special time in the woods. They love it and so do I. We're all winners!!

When my beagle is bored and getting into things that she shoudn't, we sometimes play "find it." I put her in a sit stay and hide a toy, a treat, or myself and tell her to find it. If it's me that she has to find, I give her a little treat when she finds me. If your dog doesn't know "stay", you may have to enlist someone to hold her/him while you hide the toy or yourself.

Because we had a baby on the way, we got another beagle and they have never been so happy. that way if we can't walkt them they run in the yard and expend their energy plus pinky (the girl) and oscar (boy) are the best of friends. Infact in about a year we are going to have a beagle wedding for them, - our friends think we are nuts

I am 14 and i have 5 beagles between sports, school, and babysiting I don't have a lot of time. I take my dogs hunting. But if you don't hunt you could always go on a hike or a walk aroung you yard.

I simple snuggle at night on the couch and some rawhides make a beagles day.. They don't need constant attention,I have two they just follow me everywhere..even to the bathroom it's very cute..they just want to be loved..I would never give up my beagle buddies..I even have asthma and severe allergies..I just have to swifter there room 1-2 x a week.. have a heart.. adopt a beagle.

If we don't have the time or energy to take our beagle for a long walk, we often take her to a field down the road and play fetch with her instead. She still gets her exercise, but we don't have to go too far.

I take my beagle for "special" car rides that only she can go on (I leave our other dog at home with my husband). She loves the car, evenif it is to go to the gas station for a fill-up! Also, I try to take her to the dog park at least once a week.

After a stressful day at the office, I often have play time with my beagle. We play "hide and seek" or with one of her toys. The play time helps us both! It helps me to unwind and de-stress and it gives her attention, exercise, and helps burn up all the energy she saves by relaxing and napping while I'm at work!

My beagle is my constant companion. When I cook, she helps by giving her "sniff" of approval to some of my ingredients. We're always careful around the stove and oven and she feels a real part of the process. We then follow up with some serious, dedicated tummy-rubbing time!

I think this is right. The beagles are very hiperactive all the time and they need your love. So give up some of your computer or hanging out with friends time for your beagle.

We already had 2 younger beagles (4 & 5) when my daughter was born 4 years ago. When she was a baby it was quite hard to give enough attention to the dogs. We did thre things 1. Hired a pet walker to walk them once a week. 2. Took them and hte baby to an off leash park. She was either in an baby carrier or stroller, the dogs were free. We all got air and exercise. 3. The dogs snuggled with us when I fed my duaghter. They just wanted to be a part of things!!! We always take the dogs in the car with us. I try to take a few minutes in the morning to pet each of them. The love it and it is nice to have someone so happy to be with you in the early morning!!!

I find with my beagles they need a job to keep them out of trouble. My beagles do agility they are great at it , it takes patience to get them focused with a little treat they'll do almost anything.

It is a good idea to have another dog in the house for beagles need the extra friend and company.(You will be able to tell after you have had one for awhile like it dawned on me.)

The nightly walk! It's time (20-25 minutes) with Millie and good exercise.

While my son brushes his teeth before bedtime, I brush our beagle's teeth and clean her ears, or give her a massage. She's not too crazy about the ear cleaning, but loves to have her teeth brushed (chicken-flavored toothpaste!), and the massage is not just cuddle time, but alerts me to any skin or fur problems. Brownie greets each of us enthusiastically when we come home, and we always take time to pet her and talk to her (after she's calmed down and sits politely!). Brownie was an adult when we adopted her 2 years ago, so she'll probably always need extra reassurance, but she's a great dog and we consider ourselves lucky to have found her.--Brownie's mom in Ambler, Pa.

I have place a fluffy bath mat beside my shower - that lets my beagle, Lucy, enjoy some extra "steamy" minutes with me every morning.

Rusty Blue loves a good conversation, so I talk to him as he helps me with pre-leaving for work chores such as making the bed and putting lunches together. He's either a very good listener, or he is just very, very polite. Molly appreciates company to help her look out the window at the street in front and down the block. Often I'll just sit near her in the evening after work, joining in sometimes on the singing if it seems appropriate, reading or repairing toys the rest of the time. We also play hall bunny, which involves me throwing toys down the hall for either or both of them, which they charge after, shake and kill, and run back to me with - usually shaking and killing them as they go. It's a fun game for all of us, and I can watch the news at the same time. We also do the dedicated activities, such as walks, but these others let me squeeze in a little more attention for them.

When I got my beagle he was a pup and we were crate training him. Due to the fact we worked full time I hired a pet sitter to come in during the afternoon. It was good quality play time for him. After time he stopped using his crate. Some 3 years later, I still have a pet sitter. Also, i have a toddler and we incorporate her playtime with our dogs. She throws to them and they fetch. It is a big family workout with all the throwing and chasing. all have a good time.

I don't have a fenced in yard so It ake my Beagle Mix Cookie out first thing in the morning and when I get home. On weekends I take her to my parents who do have a fenced in yard, this gives her a chance to run free. They also have 2 dogs for her to play with. I also have lots of toys for her to play with inside to keep her happy. I take her with me when ever I can in the car.

Watching evening television with my beagle Franz on my lap is our special time together. My special time with Heidi is when we play tug and fetch. I make time for this right after I get home from work. And, about 15 minutes of it wears her out after a long day of napping!!

My husband & I have one son, a beagle named Scooby. We try to take our lunch hours at different times so that we are home for two hours with Scooby instead of both of us being there for only an hour. After work, he comes with us if we go shopping. He comes in with us to pet stores, but if we go to a people store, he waits in the car. We usually leave it running for him. In the summer he has A/C, and in winter he has the heat on. If we go to pick up fast food for supper, he comes with us and some places give out doggy treats for the "furry passenger" when you use the drive-through. During shovelling season, we take him out with us and tie him in the front yard while we do the work and he supervises. (A change in scenery from the backyard to the frontyard is nice for him.) Afterward, we will take him for a quick walk around the block. We find that it doesn't always have to be a 2 hour walk...he is happy just to go around the block if you don't have the time to take him out long. Sometimes that 5 minute walk tires him out like a 30 minute walk does. That's probably the most important thing we've learned about Scooby. Also, instead of "giving him a treat", throw it down the stairs for him and make him run up and down working off some energy to get that carrot.

I'm a law student w/a husband & a job. But wWhenever I can, I spend 10 minutes - that's it! Just 10 minutes! - with Dino, throwing his "snarf" (big fuzzy fleece ball thing). He will run and grab it, bring it back, let me throw it again...and when he's done, he's done. He hunkers down with his ball, all happy and exhausted. It takes so little to make such a big part of my life happy - how can I not do it? Also, it's a GREAT break from the stressful parts of my life (everything BUT Dino!)

My beagle recently had to be left alone for an extended period of time, she loves the raw hide chew scraps and always tries to hide them in different locations in the house. This helped distract her and kept her out of trouble.

When I first come in from work, before i get busy with other things, I get his lease and we go out. If it is raining or the weather to bad, I get his favorite toy and play a few minutes. At night before we go to bed, I read him a story.

What a great topic for discussion. People who feel guilty about the lack of time spent with their Beagle or any other dog need to stop and think before giving it up so quickly. Look at the positives. If you already shelter your Beagle indoors out of the heat and cold, provide routine medical care and minimum love and attention, that is a better fate than many pets face. If you already can take care of the basics, then just TURN UP THE LOVE BABY!! Many dogs are homeless, abused, in shelters etc. When you think of that, maybe your pet does not have it so bad after all. Don't give up your it's protector until the end. THEY ARE COUNTING ON YOU!! PEACE! Jim Grimley Dallas, TX.

A pair of beagles wear each other out. And playing ball is also great even inside.

We make time every day (weather permitting) for a family walk after I get home from work. I take my rescue beagle and our other dog for a long walk with my two year old daughter in the stroller. My husband often joins us. It is a great way to unwind, catch up on what happened during the day, and we all get some exercise.

schedule a daily play time and do your best to stick with it. Don't worry your Beagle will remind you should you over look it.

beagles fit wonderfully into most life styles if they have a routine (ie walk the kids to school every day )that is everyday not just when it apeals to you. I have found the more you include a beagle in family activities the better they behave (but give him alittle time to learn the rules)

My beagle serves as my "personal trainer," accompanying me on runs and walks. She is a great motivator, since she is always so eager to go and gets restless if we don't get out often enough. They say a partner is beneficial to sticking with an exercise program - your beagle is always available to go when you want to, never complains and makes a great companion!

Snuggle with your beagle all night long - let them sleep in bed with you. This snuggley quality time will mean a lot to your beagle!

We have had three beagles and they are busy. They love attention, are playful, (all the time) they are great company, love children, want to please. They most definetly have a mind of their own. They are loyal, loaded with personality. I would only have a beagle. But be ready to spend a lot of time with them. They are smart, eager to learn and a fast learner. They want to be the head of the family. You have to keep reminding them who's in charge. They will give back to you 110%.

Take then on lots of walks, and let them have alot of fresh air and you can't forget about food... and they will love you for life:)

I know how hard it is to give attention to a dog. At my rescue, I have 12 dogs. I have several beagles here and they do require your undivided attention at least some part of the day and they must be treated as a part of the family. Some ways that I invlove my beagles in my day is: When I am outdoors and working, I always try to involve the beagles in my activities such as gardening, cleaning the yard etc. I also take a 30 minute walk each day (weather permitting with the dogs). They thoroughly enjoy this. Each doggie gets special one on one time with me in the morning or evening for belly rubs and hugs. If you would just take 30 minutes each day for a short walk or one on one time for cuddling it would make a big difference to your dog. Try to involve each member of your family in this and it will really add up the time your beagle receives love and attention from the family. I have also found that having two beagles is sometimes easier for families. They are pack animals and I have had good results with adopting two beagles to families. They give each other lots of playtime and fun and they don't feel so alone when the family is at work and school. Of course, it is not possible for everyone to have two dogs. I have also found that if the weather is yucky, my beagles love taking a nap with me. Good Luck to you on keeping your beagle.

I have a pasture and I walk my beagle around in it eveyday and it gives her a chance to dig without getting fussed at and to run enough to get rid of some of that energy she has. Believe it or not, she does all of this on a leash with me at the other end.

I like to take my beagle on short car trips for errands and so forth, I don't leave him in the car, however. I make sure I have someone with me to keep him company!!!.

There are several parks in the area, and I try to take my beagle at least twice a week to wear her out. She can inhale every blade of grass, and check week old tracks of cottontails till her heart is content. If that means that dinner is late, or not very fancy, so be it, and I'm that much more excercised for my time! She so much better behaved when I make the extra effort. A tired beagle is a happy beagle.

All of my tips are based on the theory that a tired dog is a happy and well-behaved dog.
Tip one: I have a pet sitter come in to walk my dogs when my schedule is particularly hectic. Most cities (even bucolic Richmond, Virginia!) have this type of service available. The cost is minimal when compared to doggie day care (only $14 per visit for three dogs here in central Virginia) and it makes a big difference in all our lives. When I get home, the dogs are already tired! Plus, the employees are bonded and insured and will come with just an hour's notice.
Tip two: Take the pups with you to the kids' outdoor sporting events. There are many dogs in attendance at my stepsons' soccer games. They get lots of attention from the other children and parents and are pooped by the end of the games.
Tip three: Make a play date for your dog. After even a brief visit with a friend or relatives' dogs, my boys are tuckered out. And my friends/family are happy to do it because their dogs are happy afterward too.

When a friend of mine comes over my house, if that friend has a pet dog, I let him/her bring their dog with them so at least my beagle has his own visitor too to play with.

I take my beagle everywhere I go. He loves to ride in the car. He doesn't like sitting alone in the car but he'd rather go than stay home! I bought him a new puppy on jan. 2 but he's a little jealous of the attention she demands! They both ride in the car and he seems to happier with a friend to wait with.

we provide entertainment by hiding snacks both indoors and out. They love doing what Beagles do best and appear delighted when they discover any suitable doogie treat.

If it is a cold day and you don't want to put the beagle outside but you need to leave for a few hours leave the radio on. Your dog won't be so lonely.

I know that a lot of busy people (myself included) don't feel they have time to do a lot of dog walking, but I've found that even a short walk - even just 10 - 15 minutes - is lots of fun for my beagles. I've also learned that varying our route makes things more interesting for the dogs. Another thing I do is to multi-task: while I'm preparing dinner in the evening, I have playtime with the dogs. I roll their balls into the room adjacent to the kitchen and they run around and play with them and occasionally even fetch the balls. It's not much, but if you combine a few of these kinds of sessions each day it keeps your beagle stimulated and eventually tired out. Remember that dogs, especially beagles, have a fairly short attention span, so little chunks of attention and play throughout the day work well for them.

When your beagle is feeling lonly take him to a family friend while you are at work or out shopping. That will keep him busy and not lonly.

Walk, walk, walk. Not only does your "little buddy" get the exercise he/she needs, but so do you.

This one may just be helpful to me, but I will share anyway because it is kind of funny. I noticed that whenever I did my workout tape, my Beagle Baby, Gracie, thought I was playing with her with all my kicking in the air and moving from side-to-side. So, I just went with it. Now, whenever I do sit-ups, etc. I will play with her and throw her toy, etc. MULTI-TASKING!

Beagles are usally VERY playful dogs. Make sure that you always have toys for them to play with, and chew bones. When they were 1st being bread they hunted for rabbits, so it would be great to give them walks as much as you can.

When I come home from work, I go upstairs to change, and Kramer (my Beagle) comes up with me. We snuggle for a few minutes, and then we play chase for a little while. It started out that I would chase him, but there's been a few times where he's chased me. We also spend some time working on "find it", a game where I hide his cookies and he finds them. It's hard sometimes to take the time, but it's truly worth the love you receive.

I love to take Gracie, our beagle mix, everywhere possible. Then come home and watch a movie with my family and the dog. By then, she's tucked out and will just sleep on our laps. Its great bonding time.

I don't have to worry as my border collie wears the beagle out thoroughly everyday. Buy him a friend.

As a veterinary technician I see a lot of obese Beagles and Beagle mixes. A lot of exercise is needed to keep them in shape. I have a a beagle mix that I rescued and she gained a lot of weight when I brought her home. I reduced her food intake, but it was only with exercise that she lost weight. Cleaning those big floopy ears once weekly will prevent infection. And my last tip - always train your dog using positive reinforcement, if you aren't sure what I mean - look it up, it's worth your time.

Join an dog obidience class in the neighborhood. They have many types of classes at different times during the week. Bring the kids and make it a family hour. Pick one that fits your schedule and your needs. Obidence class does not have to be boot camp, it can be fun and enjoyable and the dog will want to do the correct behaviors to please you. Also he gets to socialize with other dogs indirectly.

My beagle is rescued, he has a lot of exercise with his buddy(Which is not a beagle however) and a daily walk and reassurance that he is loved!!!!!!!!!!!!

run up and down stairs with your beagle. not only will this exercise him but yourself too!

I hired a dog walker one day per week and my little guy spends another day during the week at "Grandma's" That helps a lot. When I am home and relaxing, we always relax together - he LOVES to cuddle under the blankets with me.

My beagles love to cuddle next to me on the couch while I read. One sits on my lap and the other right next to me and we all get to spend time together without any hassle!

Have your beagles help with the yard work. I let them dig the holes for my flowers every year and they really enjoy it (it also saves me from blisters!).

If you have a fenced yard, when it is time to take the trash out, bring your beagle along. After yopu put the trash out run or briskly walk in a large circle along the perimiter of your yard, making excited noises. Your Beagle will follow you wanting to show you his/her favorite spots. This will also give you a chance to inspect your fence for any future "Escape Routes."

Use your Beagles as THE anti excercise excuse. In other words if you have a daily or weekly work out schedule and you have one of those days you just don't wanna work out. Then trade it for an extra extra long "Beagles Choice" walk. (Be sure to strap on their lead) and then let them take you where they want. If it turns out to be a 2 hour walk around your neighborhood. Well your pups got some excercise and you got some after all as well! Be sure to have some water for your Beagle when you get home! And hey! I know two folks who now deserve a snack!

You may be able to form a "dog pool" in your neighborhood. Kind of like a carpool: you take turns walking each others' dogs. One week you have the duty, the next week your neighbor does.

i have 4 its a little hard to spend time with them all but something i do is take one of them at a time into a quiet area where there is a calming constant noise and i cuddle and sing to them. after a while, they will go to sleep and when they wake up, they feel more happy.

On the weekends after a long work week, sometimes it is hard to jumpstart and get some home projects done. What I will do is as soon as I wake up instead of just walking the dog, I will take her and put her in the car and drive to the nearest park, or forest. Being sure to keep her on a lead so she doesn't decide to chase deer in the next county over we walk for about and hour or two (nice cup of coffee with me, of course.) When I get home she is well excercised and I am actually more awake and ready to get stuff done.

Take a cup of coffee with you or tea when you take your dog for a walk, do not head home until the coffee or tea is finished. It gives you more pep in the morning and gives your dog more time to sniff out the sweet spots ;)

I put her tennis ball in a large paper grocery bag and stand it up in the living room. She has a great time playing "find the ball" It is fun to watch and you'll soon learn how inventive your dog is.

I take my beagle on errands, especially when I go to the drive through at the bank. She usually gets treats there.

My boyfriend got me a beagle puppy for christmas. I love him very very much. Then about 2 weeks into the new year, I found out I am pregnant. I think the reason my boyfriend got me pregnant is because of how good I am with Wilson. I know that after I have the baby, I will want to stay active to get back down to my normal weight, so I plan on walking the baby and beagle at the same time. I love my beagle too much to ignore it compleatly, even for a baby. I also know that he will always be my baby!

We've kept the same schedule with our beagle that we had when our daughter was in school - so that he's not alone more than 8 hours a day. The daily walk & the fenced yard are necessities - ours is 10 & still needs to get lots of exercise!

The best tip I have is lots of love and and even more patience (and some understanding thrown in). After all, we chose them and they love us regardless. I love my doggy and she loves me, and what's the way it should be. Cheryl G. (and Sammy Jo--'good girl'.

Beagles are like banks - the more you invest the more you will get back. We allocate some 'beagle time' where we play 1:1 - so when we want some 'us time' our beagle is knows she has has her time, and is usually snoozing away.

Beagles really need room to run when they are left alone all day. I don't have a big yard but my roomate's parents do and love to play with him anyway. I make sure they have plenty of his food for him and spend an hour a day playing with him after work. I also take him to the park for at least two hours on sundays. That's the way to make a happy dog when not around enough during the week. I also encourage him to come and meet all my friends. He knows that he is cute and loves to ham it up for the company.

Sometimes I don't have time to give my beagle, Lady, a good walk, so I have "playdates" with other dogs that live in the neighborhood. The dogs run around the back (fenced)yard, wrestling and playing. They tire each other out. I would like to own a second dog, but the rest of the family isn't interested, unfortunately.

We have a neighborhood dog play group. Most afternoons after school a group of neighborhood kids and their moms take their dogs and grab ours (and a neighbors) from our houses and let them all run around together in a yard. By the time we get home our beagle is usually too tired to play with us! It is a great idea assuming you trust your neighbors, and there are dogs in the neighborhood.

We got our son a beagle for Christams in 2002, he was 7 weeks old when we got him. But as you know the new soon wore off, so now he is my dog, he is a house dog and he does require alot of attention, however, he is a great companion for me, I only work 4 hours a day and with the kids getting older and having things of their own to do he and I spend lots of time together, my husband says he is my little helper in the kitchen and he likes to sit with me while i am on the computer. we also have 2 other dogs in the house but they all have thier own special time with me during the day and they all keep me company in different ways. the way i look at it is that i have 3 more kids and that is how i treat each one, and as long as i have them i know that i wil never come home to an empty house and that i always have someone to talk to during the day when my family is at work and school. I wouldn't trade that for nothing.

I too have taken to having my beagle go with me on car rides to the store, business appointments, etc. With a true Wisconsin winter upon us, it breaks up his day. I also cut him some slack and I'll lay down with him on the couch in the evening so we ALL settle down with our pack for another winter's evening in the house!

I have a beagle mix.."Mayzee" she is a delight and a handful rolled into one..but, to us, she IS a member of our family, and how would you treat your children. I know some people will say there's no comparison..I have two children..but beagles give back soo much more than you could ever give them. There is nothing that will compare to your actual being there for them, they will sit all day long in the window waiting for you. Pining away, not eating, suffering really..yet when u walk in..that lil howl and the absolute delight at your return makes your trips shorter and shorter! I would say, pet, pet love love..and never turn your back on what is probably the best pet you could ever be honored with adding to your family..but they are a huge commitment..once you have one..please don't give her/him up..consider him a family member, and who could give up one of those!! Be..agle happy!

Lots of walking and HOLD on tight to the leash!!! Our beagle Annie, thrives on getting praise and love from us constantly. We love her as much as she loves us.

I have walked my 2 beagles twice a day, nearly every day, for the last 8.5 years, while working 50-70 hours/week. It's not only good for them, it's good for me too. If I can do it, everyone can!

I get up an hour earlier, and walk to the store for my morning coffee instead of making it myself. So that way I am sure 'Petey' gets a good walk every morning and I get my coffee and paper. I have found that this calms me in the morning before work and 'Petey' is easier to leave in the morning after his walk.

New England winters don't always cooperate with our walking schedule. We have 3 beagles all from rescue,Sam,Zoey and Romeo. If the temp is over 20 F and sunny, we have to get out and walk, even 20 minutes and all of us feel better. Many times I wouldn't bother getting some fresh air for myself but knowing how much the beagles love it gets me off my butt. We have lived with beagles for 19 years now and volunteer with BONES beagles rescue. When we do home visits or talk to folks about life with beagles we tell them it is simple to keep a beagle happy: Just make sure you love to WALK,WALK,WALK..... Most beagles do love a short car trip to the beach or park, anywhere to get some new sniffing. If we are stuck indoors, a face paced game of squeky toy chase or toss can work off lots of energy. Beagles are like kids , they just want to have fun and I think it keeps us young too! sam,zoey and romeo

Get him someone to play with. This is obvious, but was great for us. Our Scooter was less than thrilled with Chooch, the puppy, but after some stressful months, they still bicker, but can't be separated. They aren't ever alone long, 3 to 4 hrs at most, but we've already found they work as a team getting things they shouldn't eat down from high places. The puppy "allows" Scooter to be the Alpha, we all know who's the tough little cookie & who's the big baby. Your site is great. Your Scooter reminds me of our Scooter. Clayton has some great ears.

My Beagle Precious and my beagle/basset Angel enjoy snuggle time at night while I am winding my day down from teaching special ed. My girls also enjoy snuggle time in "our" bed as they get to sleep with my husband and I at night.I just could not imagine life without my "girls" in it.

A doggie door is essential and we also have an invisible fence. The only problem with the doggie door is "Otis" trys to drag all the pillows outside through this door and also brings all sorts of unusual items inside via his door. "Otis" is a "very" happy 6-month old baby although he is always into something and is a virtual bull in a china shop. We love him dearly though and would never get rid of him.

My beagle Zoe is a rescue that doesn't know how to "play" with toys. Instead we make dinnertime into playtime. I put her food into one of those treat-dispensing balls and she entertains herself for a good 15-20 minutes at least trying to get the food out! ;)

Sampson and I spend every sunday come rain or shine...(snow not so much his liking) at the dog park. We look for bunnies we make sure to run around and we do it together. Its just the two of us and that suits him fine. He is my best friend and I can't see life without him. He was in all honesty the worst puppy I ever met and I considered a new home. But we kept working on it...kept training and 5 years have past and I have the best dog on earth as far as I can see. Work hard beags pay off in the end...just ask sampson.

Always, always, always give your Beagle girl or boy deep rubs at night! In addition to the enjoyment he or she gets out of it, you can also feel out any abnormal bumps or lumps that your pup might develop. Plus it is a great workout for both of you--arm movement for you, leg resistance for him/her!

I take my dogs on small trips in my truck and let run around the yard out front when gardening and cleaning my truck. For the most part they stay close but there are times that I do have to chase them a bit, but thats part of owning a dog, Two Beagle house.


saturday morning grooming on the couch: means we get close time, and her grooming stays neat.

make sure they get plenty of love and a place of their own to dig is a good idea too. oh and plenty of chew toys no matter how old they get, beagles love to chew even after the puppy stage :) my beagles are my kids and need unconditional love too!!

When I go into my exercise room, I always take my Beagle, Daisy with me. She loves to lay on the couch and watch me work out. This is our special time each day as she just lays around and watches me and we "talk". I just love her to death!

I'm not sure if this is helpful, but I work from home and I keep Sparky (kennel #730, I think) inside during my classes. I teach conversational English, and most of my students love having him in the house. He gets to see many people every week, and he gets lots of attention from all of us.

We have a wonderful beagle/blue heeler (Australian Cattle dog) mix-Hannah- she is full of fun and loves life. I make it a priority to get her out for 4 walks per day- we live in Wisconsin, so the winter poses challenges- when the walks are cut a bit short because the weather is icy or very cold, we get out a couple of empty plastic milk jugs and throw them for Hannah in the snow....she LOVES this and leaps through the snow to retrieve them. This is great exercise for her and really adds so much joy to our long winters here in the North woods! Just don't let your beagle chew on the plastic jug after the playtime- take her in- give her a great terrycloth towel rub down and follow up with a Kong treat or rawhide- I hide her treats under a towel or in a paperbag- she loves the hunt- then its time for a nap! Love your beagle!!!

We have a beagle named "Shiloh" and pound rescue going back four years now, an Eskimo Spitz (now 13) and my husband and my Valentine's gift to each other this year is yet another rescued beagle (2 years) old. We include all 3 dogs in our family activities such as sitting down to a movie together. Although the dogs don't seem to have the least bit of interest in the movie, they are acutely aware of being with their humans and being stroked for 2 hours non-stop (duration of the movie). It gives us all that extra "quality" time we seek in a busy world. C. Witt Greensboro, NC

Beagles are one of the smartest dogs ever created. It takes almost no time to train them if you have patience and understanding. Never physiclly punish your beagle. It only slows down the training process. Positive reinforcement works well, and fast! I had gotten my Beagle girl at 3 months of age. She was not housebroken. I never yelled at her or hit her when she had an accident in the house. Instead I went outside w/her frequently and as soon as she eliminated I rewarded her telling her how wonderful she is and gave her a treat. After having her for 2 days she was housebroken. I can't guarenty your Beagle will be house broken that quickly but it shouldn't take much longer if they are let outside often enough and rewarded as soon as they potty. Obediance class is a must for any dog owner. To not take your dog to obediance classes, daily romps around outside and the willingness to take the puppy out every 30 minutes while being trained to be housebroken is neglect and if this can't be done then you should consider a cat instead.

Beagles love to chase. Sit in the floor, indian style, with a washcloth or similar rag. Keep it in front of your dogs nose while she chases after it. Hand it off from one hand to the other, quickly. Let your dog catch it every once in awhile just to keep the game fun, then you can give chase to get the rag back. Dogs love this game and it uses up lots of their excess energy.

I know beagles can be really naughty sometimes, bu that is because for me, I think they believe themeselves as children. He is another member of the family. He is your friend, you are his life!! People be clever!!!. Beagles are very happy if you take them out for a walk at least 15 min. everyday, they appreciate that. They are very wise and they realize when the master is busy, but so, the master would realize that beautiful, little creature is waitin for him and always loving him...

We plan plenty of "play dates" with dogs that Hailey knows well - she gets exercise and sleeps well that night.

You may not believe it, but in my opinion two beagles are less work than only one. They keep each other entertained.

Our beagle is VERY sensitive to every little change, so I have to remind myself to give him his own "special time" in our pack of three dogs. He doesn't like to walk, but I take him on his own, taking the speed and time pressure off him. That way he can meander along and sniff and pee... things the younger and older dogs have no patience or stamina for.

We have other dogs and the beagle plays with them all the time, she is always on the run, it is great entertainment for us watching her and she is happy having a companion. Even the cats she loves, so you could get a cat for your beagle, but beware they like the liter pan, so you must keep the fenced off from it.. that nose tells them where it is.

I work all day so when i get home and have a few things to do, michael my 6 month old beagle just can't help himself but bark and run around the house like a wild guy. so i let the neigborhood kids have him for about an hour. he gets to run and play and comes back all worn out than we snuggle after dinner. the kids are responsible and just adore him and he loves them too. He's the neigborhood dog.

I find that with my beagle, any attention they get is wonderful. They are so happy and pleased just to be involved in whatever you are doing. In the mornings I let me beagle follow me all through the house while I am getting ready. I talk to her and she will often go get a toy and bring it to wherever I am. I throw it for her and she will continue that game or will bring a rawhide chew and settle down by me in the bathroom or kitchen - anywhere. It doesn't have to take large blocks of time to give your beagle love and attention.

my 2 beagles loved to be walked and look forward to sniffing all the new sents and old sents in the neighborhood, if you just spend 15 to 20 mins a day walking your beagle they will be calm the rest of the day and healthier for you and your beagle.

Dogs are like children, they like new toys. They get really excited when they get a new toy, but soon they get tired of it and forget about it. Take those "tired" toys away and give them back to few weeks later. Keep "rotating" the toys to keep your beagles excited about what they play with. This also keeps them from creating their own toys using your shoes and other household items.

We have two beagles, Bonnie & Clyde. They LOVE it when we play with the laser light pen. They chase the light all over the house, howling like they're really on to something. It wears them out, they nap, then they bug us until we play again. It's great exercise for them and seems to make them almost as happy as eating! :o)

I agree with what you say. I have a Beagle now, (my second one) and like the first one I had they love to be around the members of the family. They need to be in constant contact and any time you can spend with this lovely dogs is not only good for them but also extremely rewarding.

My dog is half beagle and half Basset Hound...I play with him all the time every day after school cause I'm not in sports. He loves the toys I bring home for him and he also sleeps with me. I think I have enough time for my god cause i give it attention all the time and I take care of it.

My wife and I both work, and, my sons are in middle and high school. I usually get up around 6:30 a.m. to take Molly for her morning walk and business. It has given me a lot of time to become closer to her. She is excited to see everyone come home as she is the center of attention until she gets sleepy. I love dogs in general, but, Beagles rule.

When I am going to be gone for a few hours...I leave the TV on the food channel because it keeps matti company while I am away.

I work about 6 miles from my office and on my lunch I take the time to go home to walk, play with my beagle. With doing this I normally have no time to each my lunch so I eat back at my desk. I then leave work at 4:30 and the first thing that I do when I get home is to walk my little guy for about 1 hr. No matter how busy I am, I alway make the time to walk and play with my beagle. I also get up extra early to walk him and again beafore I leave for work. I find that if you have a pet you need to adjust your schedule to make time for this animal. If you cannot give your pet this type of time and love then maybe that type pet is not for you. Aminals that you adopt or that you acquire are yours for life. I guess that I adjust my schedule around my little guy.

When I found out that I was going to have my first baby I was scared to keep my beagle,, But now I see that would have been the wrong thing to do. My baby is two now and his best friend is the beagle. they both run around the yard and house all day long. Im so happy to see the bond that they have for each other. Beagles are the best with kids.

I have a 4 year old son and a 7 year old playfull little girl beagle. For fun I will put a piece of cheese in my son's pants pocket. He will walk up close to her until she gets the scent then he will run into another room and hide. Its hilarious to watch the dog chase him around the house and he thinks it's hysterical. When the dog looses interest, he will walk up to he and open his pocket and let her shove her nose in to get the cheese. It tires them both out.

I have a 15 inch beagle and I would like to tell you he is Full of energy and loves to try and get away with things. When I speak to him when he is not being a good boy he will mock me by moving his mouth and cocking his head it is so funny. It is very hard to disipline him because he is so cute and has those eyes that just melt you. I take Cooper for long walks and run with him all the time he just loves it. I NEVER let him run free he would pick up a scent and that would be it.

Recognize that the fantasy of having a Lassie-like companion romping at your side under voice control is just that, a fantasy. Prepare for outings with your Beagle knowing that they are going to go follow their noses and don't go to places or events that will delight them but drive you crazy. Take them to well-fenced dog places and then let them romp away!

We modified our exercise program to meet the needs of our beagle, Lucy. We walk and run while she walks and runs. The exercise and fresh air improves our mental state and helps calm Lucy down!

My beagle mix Eddie Lee was a rescue from spain,old and frail and he was not allowed to play because of his heart,but he could sniffle along for hours.So I took my book,my quilting or the writing paper to the park and sat while he could snoop around as long as he wanted to,so we were outside,had lots of fresh air and he was happy.

Let the beagle know that you do care. Do special things for him or her like taking them to the park or special treats they might like or a walk in the day or evening. Talk to them they do understand. Take them on a day trip out into a field and let him or her run around. If the dog needs extra care and devotion that you cant give them they will let you know by not responding to you and being very shy and lazy.

My beagle Mattie is a very great loyal dog. She is almost 18 months and I trust her very much. She is home buy herself for 10 hours (m-f) and all she does is sleep. When I come home from work we play, she gets feed and then we go for a 3 mile bike ride (she runs) then I run for 3 miles. We go to weekly obedience classes and vist the dog park on weekends during the winter and daily late spring through early fall. When it's not hot or very cold outside she goes with me when I run errands with me. Mattie is a very happy dog

I have a male beagle, he is our baby, my son and I always include him as much as we can. One thing we like to do, is garden, our beagle, Buster, will dig the hole and then we plant the flowers, he helps alot") Also, every other day or so my son puts on his swim trunks and goggles, and gives the dog a shower, he loves shower time! This breed is the best dog for young children, they play, are very loyal, and protective, and also just the right size to sleep with at the end of a fun day.

I dated a girl who gave me an abused beagle (so sad) that she got from the humane society. While her intentions were good I live in an apartment which is definitely not a place for a beagle. Let's just say my beagle was around longer than my girlfriend, and for a few months I had to go through the agony of leaving my beagle home alone in an apartment while I was at work. She, already being a little edgy from being an abused beagle, began to have terrible separation anxiety. Even if I walked out of the apartment for a second she'd be anxiously waiting by the door and jumping up to the window to see when I was coming back...she is so sweet. Luckily, I was able to leave her with my parents who also own a beagle. It is a good-new/bad-news situation. Good-news, my beagle has constant attention from my parents and a constant companion with her beagle step-brother. Bad-news, I live 500 miles away from my beagle and I miss her terribly. Anyway, my tip simply reiterates what has already been said on this site...know what you're getting into before you get a beagle. In my mind, beagles are the most wonderful dog in the world, but they require a lot of love and attention (emphasis on A LOT). It is hard not to fall in love with that innocent beagle mug, but don't let emotion cause you to hastily bring one home. And, if you're getting a beagle for someone as a surprise just make sure that they can adequately care for the dog. My cowoker who lives alone and has a beagle regularly leaves her at doggy-daycare, which is a great way to give your beagle socialization (although it can be costly).

Our beagle, Emily, loves to lie on the couch with me, and I scratch her back and tummy with my feet. Sometimes i just get on the floor beside her and talk to her. I rub her ears, tummy, and talk to her. She purrs like a kitten and is happier than a lark. She will get in trouble with the trash so beagle owners make sure there is absolutely no trash or food left in purses or backpacks where ole sniffer can find it. Then, you don't have to worry about them getting sick or spanked. (spankings don't work, anyway) just a look will let them know they've done a no no.

I am a 16 year old who's very busy with school and church. I make time for my beagle by playing with him every night as I go through my routine. We race each other around the house. I wrestle & play fetch (using his special stuffy) with him as I get my clothes out for the next day, brush my teeth, etc. I also play fetch and tug-of-war and pet him while I do my homework or talk on the computer. It's a lot of fun ^_^

I rescued my beagle from life as a stray, covered with fleas and ticks-obviously had been abused as she always cowered when approached-I am a single mom of two boys one 11 and the other 1 and a half. with lots of love and patience she learned to trust and love her new family and the kids learned humanity for another (a life lesson) give lots of love and care even if it is 10-15 minutes a day and you will receive the best unconditional love ever.After a year of Angel joining our family (including the male beagle pit mix we already had) they had a family of their own (11 pups!) we found very loving homes for all including Jake, their little boy that stayed with us! Beagles love love love to use their noses and to curl up in bed with you. Toys with hiding places for food are great, hikes in the woods are the best! And a devoted doggie friend to help clean the ears everyday is a definite bonus. Beagles usually get along great with other dogs, I think another dog for them to spend time with when you are busy is good for all! JUST BE SURE TO LOVE 'EM!!!!! They really don't ask for much;)

I love my dog soo much. Because of this I always enjoy playing with it. I would give up anything for my dog. Just remember that your dog is like a sister or brother, or maybe child. Treat your dog with respect or the same way you treat someone you love. My dog is like a member of my family. Remember your dog has feelings, treat it with respect!

I wake up 20 minutes earlier than I normally could (and still make it to work on time) and take my beagle for a quick walk around the block. It wakes me up and it puts her back to sleep until my husband gets up.

The ways that I have helped my beagle puppy with releasing some of her engergy are taking her for an half hour walk, I throw her toys when I am watching tv or writing a paper or playing on the internet, I take 15 minutes sometimes and chase her in our backyard. Even a little time helps and believe me, you and your dog will be better (and in my case skinnier) for it!

we have 3 beagles and the most important thing is the fenced in yard and a doggie door!!! but the dogs also love to ride in the car so we take them on occasional trips to the beach and city parks, most of which have areas that allow dogs. on nice days i sometimes take them to work with me, as i have a fenced in motorcycle shop, and the customers mostly love the dogs, and the dogs love all the attention! sometimes we'll jog with the dogs, but it has to be a short jog as beagles have a strong urge to 'stop and sniff' and won't run steadily for long. and they love to curl up with us on the sofa and watch tv with us...drew & susan in virginia beach

Invite your beagle to take a Sunday afternoon nap with you on the sofa.

I talk to my beagles while I prepare dinner. They like the activity and smells of dinner being prepared and they enjoy having a conversation with me.

I have a beagle and his name is Duke, but I call him Dookie. He is my pride and joy and he loves to show out for people. When relatives come over he puts on a show by running as fast as he can in the backyard. He is always happy and very obidient. He is house trained so he sleeps in my bed with me. Yet, he sheds a lot. I try my best to brush and bathe him two or three times a week because when I dont I am surrounded by his many hairs. He loves to eat. He also loves chewing on things. He cannot fall asleep unless he has somethin in his mouth like a chew bone or a section of cover. My advice is to love your beagle and cherish him because Dookie is my best friend and he is always there when I need him. When Im sick it seems as though he gets sick or acts sick. If I feel down he puts his head on my lap. Give beagles as much attention as you can because you can guarantee that same attention will be given back to you.

Our beagle, Laura Jean, is now 7 years old. We bought her when our daughter was 7, and Laura was raised on the playground with lots of children, other dogs, and adults to play with her. Every morning, we would take turns having her sit in our laps as she chewed on her nylabone. When she left the kitchen (her home) she was always with one of the family. Consequently, she never chewed on anything that wasn't hers. For the first year of her life, she would go to her kennel when we had to leave her alone to go out. We never played roughly with her, and were consistent and loving. I was a stay-at-home mom, and Laura was pretty much with me all the time. I kept little dog treats in my pocket and would let her off the leash on the field and would call out "treat!" to get her to come to me. Unorthodox, I know, but at 7, she wanders through the woods near our house, with me close by on the trail, and ALWAYS comes to me when it's time to go back on leash. Beagles must have time to "sniff" and will behave in a depressed manor if they are not given the opportunity to use their talents. We will have her on leash and just allow her to lead us with her nose wherever (almost...) she wants to go. I have never known a happier, or sweeter dog. She is a member of our family.

I'm a teacher, and on days when my boyfriend picks me up from school he comes in a few minutes early with our beagle. The dog gets to romp with my kids for a few minutes, and after school we can let him run in the schoolyard for a bit.

I always let Dixie hang out with me while I am getting ready for work. Since she refuses to let us "potty train" her, she has to stay outside during the day. I like to spend time with her and she likes to watch me put on my make-up. When I get home, she helps me make dinner and I try to give her a massage at least once a week.

I take my beagle (Arthur) with me when I visit my mother, who has Alzheimer's and is in a nursing home. All the residents love to see him and he relishes the attention and exercise.

What great suggestions I've seen here! Even though I spend a lot of my time with my two beaglekidz, I sometimes feel guilty that I don't spend more. One goes to obedience class with me and the other competes in agility trials. When I'm home and busy, they follow me from room to room...out to the laundry room, chasing the vacuum they're rarely bored. They get tired of me and retire to their crates on their own! And they LOVE a good walk..even if I have to go out at 9 or 10 PM, we try to go every evening and they enjoy their walkies so much. If we're relaxing in the playroom watching TV, they have special cuddle beds and they can relax and watch with us.

Routine, Routine, Routine, I walk my Beagle "Cassidy" everyday. It is hard to say who enjoys it more, her or I. I work at a Humane Socity and when we get Beagles or BeagleX's I tell the people they need time! They don't want to sit and watch your house for you, they may EAT your house for you if you do not spend time with them. Cassidy will be 10 years old April 1st, although she is slowing down we still walk about 2 miles every day. I also have an elderly mother, so Cassidy and I go to "grandma's house" every night. She has learned over the years to tell what time of the day it is in relationship to what we should be doing. If I take an after supper nap she wakes me up by 6:15pm. We leave for my mom's at 6:30 everynight. She is also not effected by daylight savings time. They learn a routine extremely quick. My sister recently adopted a Beagle from our humane Society. She was a perfect example of an ignored Beagle, she knew no commands, chased cats, barked and would run off every chance she got. She now goes to grandma's everynight has a special cat friend at home barks only when my she hears someone. We are still working on the running off, with the command "Never Leave Your Stoop"! I talk to my Beagle as I did my 2 years old. I never say "stay" I always say "stop and wait", we have three different walking steps, "regular dog walking" which means she can walk at the end of her extenda leash as long as she does not pull, "good dog walking" which means walking close by me and "baby steps" which means walking right at my side. These are the things she likes, not "sit" , "stay" or "heal". They are smart dogs and want to be treated that way. Oh and there is nothing wrong with a walk where the dog goes from one area to another just to sniff. Cassidy and I have spent several hour long walks where we never made it even 2 blocks. Last but not least I lost 40 lbs. walking her and I eat whatever I like. And hey if the weather is to nasty to walk McDonalds drive up works as a great "special time" too! P.S. Hamburgers and all other non dog food bites are called "crumpets"

Beagles take a lot of time, but they're worth the effort. There are so many great ideas already posted here, but one that I like is cutting up my beagle's biscuits into single bite-sized pieces and hiding them throughout the house. He waits downstairs by the front door until I call, "Find it." This game occupies him for 30 - 60 minutes because he keeps hunting even after he finds all the pieces. Sometimes he persists on his own. Other times, he comes back and gives me a perplexed look. "Find it," I say and off he goes in the direction I point to. As your beagle gets good at this game, it's harder to think of interesting hiding spots. Variety's the key and always make one easy to find. Otherwise, your beagle might get too discouraged to continue. Because I always make him go back and start all over if he comes up before I'm ready to call him, my beagle's gotten much better at obeying the WAIT command. It took a bit of training, but he's got the idea now!

If you're in education or work in healthcare, see if you get your beagle certified as a therapy dog. There may be a number of hoops you'd have to jump through and a few changes in your work routine (and in your environment), but bringing your beagle to work can be very rewarding for everyone involved (including your beagle)! The process involves obedience classes, socialization and a good chunk of your time, but all of that counts as together time, so...

I'm an ELS instructor at two schools and both the students and faculty love to have my beagle sit under my chair when I teach in the classroom. This adds cohesion and a sense of community, and after a few days even those students who aren't crazy about dogs are won over by my Beagle's friendliness and gentleness.

Animals are creatures of habit, so even if you can just set aside 15 minutes or so, three times a day, they will be happy. but if you skip a day, they will be confused and upset, so aslong as you keep it constant, ad make sure that you ARE spending fun play time with your beagle, they will be happy.

Yes, beagles like habit, but new experiences are also very fun. every dog likes to discover new smells. even if your just going on a short trip to a school yard over a weekend when it is not in use is a fun thing for a dog to do. they love to explore, and they LOVE to mark their spot on new and unk own territory. a playground is a great place for a beagle over the weekend. children leave behind lots of interesting smells and tracks for your beagle to follow. OUR beagle use to hate carrides, but every now and then, we would take him somewhere fun, like a base ball field. now, when ever we open the garge door, he jumps and runs in circles around the car. even making a normal activity, like carriding, more interesting, cand make a beagles life more fun. its good to have habit, but every beagle will like a little superise to be waiting around the corner every so often. so, HAVE FUN!!!! :)

Never stop loving your beagle. they will love even a short sit on your lap while you watch tv.

I try to include my beagle "Harley" in many of my everyday errands. I take him with me when I visit friends and family that welcome pets. I even bring him into work with me every now and then , as my job allows for that type of thing. I find that he is very easy to travel with as he is a real friendly little guy and he's not too big!!!

We take Brachs the beagle for long rides in our jeep convertible (of course she has a seat belt) in the summer. She loves riding shotgun, with my husband for long evening drives to the local ice cream stand, where she enjoys meeting people and she sometimes finds some goodies that have fallen! It seems to calm her down, at least for the night. Unfortunately, I'm stuck in the back seat!!!

If you don't have time for a long walk, try a few short walks during the day. Also, whenever you have time, throw a toy back and forth so the dog is constantly getting excercise and make the dog follow you all over the house.

My 3 year old Beagle, Daisy, loves to run. I've trained her to run with me on my bicycle. She runs her little tummy off and loves it. She is a rescue Beagle and is a wonderful addition to our home (me and Becky, my Bengal cat). Becky and Daisy seem to enjoy being together. How great to wake up to their cheerful, hungry little noises.
Judy Barrett
Atlantic Beach, FL

Our Beagle, Alaska, just turned 12 months old 3 days ago. We are a working family with a 4 year old. Our home is not that big, but we love our Alaska like she was our baby. We take weekly trips to our local playground which is fun for our little boy, as well as for Alaska. When we are away at work, Alaska plays just fine in the house, but when we get home it is her time! Everyone takes a few minutes to say hello to Alaska, and then if the weather is good, one of us takes her outside for a walk. The important thing is that with ANY animal.. they are your family, and they deserve time, attention and love too.

Put aside the same "quality time" for your beagle as you would for a child. My beagle is upset if we come home and have to leave again without spending at least 20 minutes with her. Another idea is to take beagle along on vacations with your family: many vacation spots have "pet-friendly" accomodations and it is a low-cost option to a kennel. My husband and I like to camp overnight with our beagle. She enjoys "sharing" her outdoor world with us, and seems very happy. One other idea: my employer allows me to bring my dog to work when his dogs aren't at the office. My beagle loves to go to work with me, and gets very excited when I ask her if she'd like to go to work today.

My husband and I both work during the day. Our Beagle has lab brother and huskey sister to keep her company during the time we are not home. No matter how long we are gone when we come home kisses and belly rubs makes everybody feel better.

My husband and I take our Beagle Boy Sherlock on a hike on Sundays. Laura DeCotiis- Sherlock's Mom

We decided to give "Joey" (our beagle) a companion dog. As a new member of our family "Maynard" (cocker spaniel), he keeps her busy! Actually, both keep each other company when we're out of our home for work. They place constantly and from the looks of it, they're both happy. They're now inseparable!

It really is a good idea to have two beagles especially if all family members are working and at school. Our beagles, Lucy and Zara, are great mates. They are always playing and running around our backyard, giving each other extra exercise. Having two is no more effort than having one.

My beagle really loves to run. If I can get into a big fenced in area, like baseball diamonds when games are not being played, he will run around for 20 minutes to half an hour just chasing birds. Much more exercise than I can give him if I kept him on a leash.

My beagle Lucy loves to chase me up and down the hallway, loves to chase her ball and tug-a-war with her rope. We have a nice big back yard and when I get the chance I take her to the beach and let her run on a real long leash. I tell her how good sheis when I go upstairs at night and always rub her chin when I wake up and when my wife and I go to work. She also gets special rides to the gas station because she is the only dog I know that sleeps while we are riding.