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I receive a lot of email and filter my inbox according to topic. It helps me to organize and respond in a timely fashion when you contact the appropropriate address at beagles-on-the-web.

To ask a beagle-specific question which isn't in the FAQ:

Please note: if you have a general training, housebreaking or puppy question, there are many good training web sites, books, and professional trainers who can help. Visit the Links page for more resources.

If your beagle is sick, please contact your veterinarian! We are not qualified to answer health-related issues.

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To say hello or to comment on the web site: click here to say hi
To inquire about posting an adoption listing on the purebred or beagle-mix bulletin boards: click here for instructions
To add a new remembrance for a Beagle on the Memorial page, send us a brief tribute (subject to editing), and pictures in .jpg format, (sized to 20 -100K). Include your name and state, your pet's name, date of birth, and date of passing. click here to email
For questions regarding beagle rescue, first take a look at the rescue page. and if you can't find help there:

Please Note: Beagles on the Web is not a rescue and therefore please do not ask us to take in a dog!

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If you are interested in posting a photo of your beagle to the Daily Digital, please note that it is only for Laurie Kramer's beagles. She does on occasion have a guest week, and will solicit photos in the weeks before it.
To post photos of your beagle(s), visit Dogster, where you can have a page of your own!


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