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Clayton, Spenser, Scooter and Sherman: then and now.

September 21, 2009

The grass in the woods kind of got ahead of Phillip this summer. When I took the boys out last week I could barely see them. So on Saturday Phillip went out back with the lawn mower and created paths reminiscent of those he snow blows in the winter. Still, Sherman managed to sneak away. I stayed at the spot where he disappeared because that's where he tends to reappear. I waited a couple of minutes and then heard him shrieking like he was being killed. I ran to the back of the woods, adrenaline pumping, and did my best to get through some very dense pricker bushes, but my arms were getting scratched and then I saw THE TAIL. It was moving around at a frenetic pace and the shrieking continued and I realized that this was Sherman's "I'm on the scent" screech. And sure enough a little bit after it stopped he appeared back on the path, eager to walk home with me.