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September 26, 2008

Unsure if he's a dark or a light, Clayton is tossed in with the "mixed mediums."

Congratulations to Lula
Winner of this week's caption contest.

This week's runner-up was N Wiseman for:

But why bathe when you can Photoshop?

The other captions:

  • The true meaning of an unbalanced load -- sammie and freckles beagle
  • Sorry Dad I'm NOT in my wash n wear mode -- K9ster
  • Just make sure you don't put me on the spin cycle Daddy!! -- Daisy's mommy
  • Lay flat to dry, my tail! -- Beaglepalooza
  • Didn't you read the label?! DRY clean only!! -- K and Bode Beagle
  • Dad!!!! I don't get a bath in the washing machine!! The utility tub! In the utility tub! -- Kramer and Gandolf
  • I DON'T NEED THE SPIN CYCLE -- Junebug's Mom
  • New ClaytonWOW cleaning system is 50% more absorbent!! Made by BEAGLES, they make good stuff! -- Larry Rasnick
  • NO! I don't want the fluff cycle... -- Amber N Eddie
  • Dr. Kramer prepares Clayton for the spin cycle. -- Harper, Whisky Girl's "Mom"
  • the most difficult part of bathing a beagle: the fluff and fold -- David
  • The eternal argument: do beagles go in whites or colors? -- Ike's sister
  • i'll do this for you-but i really need more room -- patti
  • I can't put him in the washer. The tag says hand wash and let air dry. -- Rebekah Ray
  • Can't I just have a bath in the sink? -- Becky - Beaglemom
  • For the love of Pete would you buy a tape measure already -- Kelsey's dad
  • Can't you just put me in the bathtub? The spin cycle makes me dizzy. -- J&B
  • "Cold water, lots of tide NO BLEACH - those tear stains are bound to come out!" -- Maggie Mae, Rusty Bob and Otie Bug Abilene Beaglers
  • Phillip experiments with the wash and sniff beagle. -- Tucker Beagle
  • come now betsy old gal its bath time -- sarah stark
  • Machine Wash - Tumble Dry -- Rusty's Dad
  • No! Not the Woolite! I promise I'll clean my eye boogers myself! -- Beaglemom with Stickley and Wynnie
  • The washing machine is not a bathtub for beagles!!!! -- Jed
  • Please put down, I don't need a bath, especially in that noisy machine. -- Samantha
  • Oh no, back to the cooler again. -- R.D.
  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! -- Platos Dad
  • "Hey....careful what you're fluffing and folding there, Doc!" -- Paws for Thought
  • Wash and Wag -- Karen S.
  • I promise you Phillip, the tag says "hand wash only"! -- Jenmo
  • Dad, I know I have tear stains, but really, the washing machine??? -- Rusty Man's Mommy
  • This is what happens when men are left in charge to do the laundry! -- Scooby's Mom
  • Separate whites from beagles and don't use bleach -- Snoo
  • 7 kg load max -- Maggie Moo's Mum
  • Phillip realizes folding the laundry is more difficult than he thought. -- Sississippi
  • Bath time! -- Michele Krause
  • Clayton may be getting older, but, bath time is still not easy! -- 1-0-1
  • I'll have one of those T=Bones please. -- R.D.
  • Using "Shout" on Clayton's tear stains? Not dad's best moment. -- Dave Dwyer
  • If I have to go through the beagle wash, I at least expect hand detailing at the end. -- Djuna's Granny
  • Turn inside out before washing. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. -- Tucker's Friend
  • Hey Laurie, light or dark? -- Cheryl & Sammy Jo
  • No Dad! I don't fit into the washing machine! -- Artimus Beaglesworth
  • Ok, I'm ready for the spin cycle! -- Cuda
  • Mixing light and dark beagles can cause their colors to run in the wash -- Bri & His Beagles
  • No Phillip ! That is the table that shrank, not the Beagle that enlarged.... -- Wondicky in Tokyo
  • I'm a delicate, dad!! I get hand washed! -- Kramer and Gandolf
  • When you said a bath, I thought you meant the TUB! -- QT Pi