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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

September 9, 2008

How much does that woman spend on doggy beds? Is that what you're thinking? Well, we had to get a nice crate pad for the beautiful new crate Phillip built, and this is the kind I use upstairs which Clayton seems to like very much. So I ordered another. Those are bumpers on the edges so he can have a pillow for his head. Nothing is too good for my little guy. As I mentioned the other day, Clayton has never met a doggy bed he didn't like.

Before I knew it, he was settled in for the evening. I do believe that if I had put the bed inside the box and made it beagle accessible, he would have gone in and made himself comfy. Clayton loves his doggy beds.

And speaking of comfy, look who discovered that the Coolaro doesn't bite? My brave Mr. Man! (We did finally put it outside. Sometimes events proceed at a glacial pace around here.)