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September 28, 2007

Nature's savage struggle for chewtoys.

Congratulations to J. Syron
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Sherman for:

Phillip contemplates a career shift to otolaryngology.

The other captions:

  • A dream come true! Dancing with the Stars tryuots is coming soon to New Jersey. -- 1-0-1
  • today we wil learn the letter A -- beagle bill
  • The letter "A" -- carlsca
  • 1-2-3 Cha Cha Cha -- Rusty's Dad
  • Hey, get your own bow tie, that's mine!!!!!!! -- Jed
  • Oi i want you to throw it, no, you might snatch it! -- beagle mate
  • That's MY bone! get your own one -- Bonnies Beagle Dad
  • Hey, give me back my bow tie! I need to get dressed. -- Samantha
  • Are you sure this will make me taller? -- Jenna
  • Spenser: "Darn it, dad, play with your own toys!" -- Angela
  • Gimmee! It's mine and you always want to take it! -- Beagle Auntie
  • Spenser practices his rebounding skills before his tryout with the Celtics -- Tucker Beagle
  • "Grrr! No, it is MY bow tie dog toy...GRRR!" -- Steve
  • mine..mine..all..mine... -- Lady & Tramp
  • A workout partner can make your daily strength training sessions more fun. -- The Tembo Pack
  • F (hand strength x strength of toy) = mass (medium-sized beagle) x acceleration (yanking) -- Ike's sister
  • Bowtie removal technique number 876.. The "Push and Pull" -- Sammie Beagle
  • Man vs. Beast...the battle continues... -- Scooby's Mom
  • Spenser and Phillip perfect the 'A' in "YMCA" to audition for "So You Think You're Village People?" -- Will aROOOO for Food
  • WOW!!! Your belly is softer than mine!!! -- Paul Ridener
  • beagle eating -- gianna
  • Boys! Boys! Time to read the book again- Finders Keepers. Remember what happened to those boys? -- Primary school speech therapist
  • He did nt want him to spoil his dinner by having the treat so he tried to take it off phil -- maggie moo's mum
  • playful dog -- Alex
  • Gimmee an "A!" -- Snoo
  • Joseph Eichler just seconds before the inspiration that would change architecture for a generation. -- Jody Rich
  • Reverse Heimlich, beagle style. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • "We're all here to say we love you and your addiction to squeaky toys has gone on long enough." -- Molly
  • I thought you were going to help me with my bow tie, not try to steal it!!!!! -- Samantha
  • Give up the duck or you'll be flying down the stairs!!!!! -- Sunshine