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September 14, 2007

Phillip Kramer, "Toe Jam Sommelier".

Congratulations to Dave Dwyer
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Traci, Vancouver, WA for:

A distinctive hint of smoked gouda with lingering notes of musky corn chip.

The other captions:

  • Arghooooooooo- no thanks -- Debi
  • Spenser goes where no dog has gone before -- Phil S.
  • Pooh - are you really going to put your foot in there Dad? -- JBs Mom
  • I'm not going to try try it!! -- Junebug's Mom
  • Spenser says!! Dad its time for new shoes and a fresh pair of oder eaters -- K9ster
  • Even a beagle has his limitations. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • After The Shoebomber Incident, Security at the Kramer household is tight. -- Snoo
  • Whew! Put an Odor-Eater in that thing! -- Paula Cunningham
  • Don't do it! Don't go near the smelly sneaker! -- Rusty's Dad
  • OK, boys. Got the scent? Now go find the other one! -- I love Beagles
  • Hurry, put your shoe on so we can go outside. -- Jed
  • So this is where they keep the good smells. -- Tucker Beagle
  • Are you trying to make me pass out, put it on already!!!! -- Jed
  • No, really. If you hold it up to your ear, you hear a really stinky ocean. -- David
  • Agent 99 are you there ? -- beagle bill
  • Clayton knows better that to sniff the tennie, last time it knocked him out. -- laura gray
  • I just don't understand! I could have sworn I smelled cheese in there. -- julia and moose
  • "Spenser...Abort! Abort! I smelt it once and I was never the same," says Clayton. -- Proud Beagle Mom Maria
  • and you thought I could stink up the joint. -- Tom Brackney
  • "You know father, I've eaten dear poop that smelled better than that" -- C siding
  • With sudden horror the stench alerts Clayton to where Sadadm hid the WMD -- C Siding
  • Trick or Treat, Smell your own feet! -- 1-0-1
  • Got it? If I'm not back in a couple of hours...... -- Jake & Buddy's mama
  • I don't think it can hear you. -- Gomez & Lily
  • "Anything that smells like that has to be dangerous!" -- Jasmine's sidekick
  • "We're open minded about scents like deer poop, but we have to draw the line at this!" -- Jasmine's sidekick
  • Wow and you want me to take a bath! -- Gunner and Bailey Beagles
  • Careful Spenser, I sniffed one of those once and lost my sense of taste for a week! -- 1-0-1
  • Please finish putting on your shoes and take us beagles for a walk. -- Samantha
  • Oh, hell no!! I am not sniffing your shoe! -- Spike and Sara
  • Clayton won't fall for this..he KNOWS that's not how Karaoke Night works. -- Paws for Thought
  • Are you trying to put a curl in my tail? -- tricolor dog
  • Come sniff and then roll in poop and you don't like my shoes?! -- Sami's mom
  • Ahhh....A scent worth sniffing! -- Carol and Daisy Mae
  • Final challenge in this season's Fear Factor: Beagle Edition -- TjL
  • Like a moth to a flame -- TjL
  • i dont see why humans wear these things, what an awful smell!! -- gabby
  • Clayton: I wouldn't do that if I were you! -- Beagle mate
  • Animal testing in the Kramer household. -- Beaglemom with Stickley and Wynnie
  • Quelle horreur! -- Judy S
  • Do not sniff these ... they are back from the 80s -- Wondicky in Tokyo
  • Clayton knows better than to go near the Nuclear Shoe. -- Kramer and Gandolf
  • Be afraid-be very afraid! -- Melissa and Brandy
  • Philip's quest to find a repellant stronger than the invisible fence finally succeeds! -- Cody's pack
  • Smells Okay to me. You are Good to Go! -- Rosco's Mom
  • and you think we pong! -- Maggie Moos Mum
  • Spenser! Get away from that, I think it's going to bite! -- Buddy M.
  • WHEW Dad...definitely need odor eaters! -- Charlotte's Mom
  • hey is our bone in there???????????? -- lilly
  • I wouldn't go there if I were you. -- Susan M
  • "Yup -- Daddy forgot to use his Odor Eaters again." -- Benny's Mom in Wisconsin