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September 13, 2007

If you're not interested in local politics, you might want to skip today's DD. But if you are, read on because this, my friends, is an interesting story. We had a dinner party the other night and in many ways it was like any other dinner party. The women worked in the kitchen (with the beagles at our feet)...

...while the men were off smoking cigars. But this was no ordinary gathering because in two days these two men would square off at the polls for a seat on the Township Council. And this was no ordinary election, because the first question on the ballot was to recall an existing Councilperson because of her alleged misdeeds while in office. Like politics in many small communities such as ours, the hot topic is overdevelopment. The Councilperson met secretly with a local mega-developer (and campaign contributer) in an effort to push through his plan to build 664 homes and several new stores including a Home Depot in an already congested area. She threatened a Planning Board member to sway his vote and then lied about it. Phillip spearheaded a campaign to recall her from office. 1500+ petition signatures were required to put the recall on the ballot of which Phillip collected over 600 - wow! So last Tuesday the voters were asked to decide (1) whether or not to recall the Councilwoman and (2) who should replace her if the recall passed. Bob and Mike, above, were the Republican and Democratic candidates, respectively. The very Councilwoman in question ran as an Independent (and in so doing, siphoned off Democratic votes). The amazing thing about this recall was that it was a completely bipartisan effort which is pretty unique in any state. Due to its bipartisan nature, Phillip worked with both Democrats and Republicans and because he is a friendly guy, he made friends with many Democrats and Republicans. So last month we decided to host a dinner party with the Democratic and Republican candidates and the Democratic and Republican Ward chairs (along with their spouses). It was a great success and a lot of fun.

Bob and Roz are, left to right, the Republican and Democrat Ward chairs. (I must add that as far as I know, Roz is not a cigar smoker.) The recall was a resounding success, 1165 votes for the recall, 291 votes against. Bob won with 625 votes, only 11 more than Mike with 614. Ms. Ritchie got 213. At least three newspapers carried the story yesterday including the state's largest paper, the Star Ledger. You can read the full article here though I don't know how long it will remain there. But here's the best part: