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September 5, 2007

As a result of being away for six days last week, I'm low on photos. Well, actually, I'm low on beagle photos; I have dozens and dozens of photos from my trip, mostly of course, of THE BABY! But here is one I like a lot: fresh bok choy at Pikes Market in Seattle, a wonderful outdoor market with fruits, veggies and magnificent flowers. Lots of free samples, too, which my niece Rachel can locate with specialized radar that she inherited, I assume, from her father, since her mother (my sister) has only minimal talent in this department.

Rachel is a lawyer for a non-profit organization in Seattle and she became engaged last month to a wonderful man. Bryan teaches high school math and I suspect that many of the girls in the class have a crush on him. On the first day of my trip Nancy and Rachel and I went looking for wedding dresses. Here she is in a gorgeous dress that we realized later, alas, would likely require a second mortgage on her house. But whatever Rachel wears, she will be beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

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