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September 28, 2000

What the heck is the team doctor putting in my kibble today?

Congratulations to D. Philp, winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was C. Siding for:
   6 hours 3 minutes 48 seconds until I eat. 6 hours 3 minutes 41 seconds until I eat, 6 hours ....

The other captions:

  • Will it ever be dinner time again? -- Dan
  • I just don't understand it, the food is always late! --
  • Dinner time! Now how do I get my waiter's attention? -- Emmitt Greene
  • I could of had the gold if I hadn't smelled that hot dog bit in the second balcony under seat 14. -- Dawn Eng
  • Every time mommy washes this rug, it gets smaller -- Veronica
  • Mom, I'm hungry can you please hurry! -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • Diet is a four letter word!! -- Janet Shackelford
  • If I wait long enough maybe the food fairy will come by. -- Dennis Shackelford
  • Daydreaming of "Food, Glorious Food"! -- Lesley B. Dannelley
  • Maye if I look pathetic I can convinve them I haven't been fed and can get a second breakfast.  -- Rachel
  • An empty food bowl and a US Soccer Team upset. What else can go wrong? -- Becky F.
  • Please, Mom, can I have some more? -- Phil S.
  • Forget soccer! I want my kibbles & bits!!!! -- Pam K.
  • Hotdog -- jef
  • I can't believe I ate the whole thing!!!aaawwww!!!! --
  • Even though it is 6 hours till feeding time typical beagle clayton will wait --
  • What the heck is the team doctor putting in my kibble today? -- D. Philp
  • "I'm HUNGRY!!" -- Max's Mom
  • .... and he tried, and he tried, but Clayton's Magic carpet just wouldn't go. -- D. Apperley
  • If only this were a Magic Carpet................ -- kllightcap
  • They better not forget the extra cheese this time -- Robert Anze
  • Waiting!!! -- Rebecca Griffin California
  • Oh me.....It has been a long day. -- Claudine
  • Food, Food, Food.... I need food. -- Amy Snawder
  • What a beautiful morning -- carmen hülsebusch
  • Let the floor exercises begin! -- T. Hicks Syron
  • But I don't WANT to sing for my supper! -- Dave Waters
  • I'm on a hunger strike! -- Sam Frosch
  • And for my last wish, I want a bottomless bowl of dog food! -- J. Gray
  • As Tom Petty said, "The waiting is the hardest part!" -- Janis Detloff
  • Lazy dog on Saturday -- Samantha
  • Give me some food huh look im a good dog!! -- Veronica
  • I can't believe I ate the WHOOLLE thing! -- Rebecca Murphy
  • Hey mom, dad--my food bowl's empty. -- Cheryl Goodwin
  • Don't worry, be happy. -- Cheryl Goodwin