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October 29, 2008

Just in case you'd thought I'd married Mr. Perfect (cures sick people, flies airplanes, builds furniture, knows the Governor, etc.) let me point out one of his little shortcomings: Phillip leaves his clothes on the floor. And I mean ALL over the floor: next to the bed, in the closet not six inches from the laundry basket, in the bathroom. Although it drives me just a little crazy, over the course of seventeen years of marriage I guess I have more or less come to accept it, or at least get used to it. Now that it's cold and jackets are required, Phillip does what he always does in the winter and that is to keep his jacket on for the first ten to twenty minutes inside the house, then drop it on whatever chair is closest when the perspiration begins to drip down his face . Ladies, tell me I'm not alone?!

(P.S. to Phillip -- you might not be Mr. Perfect, but you are most definitely Mr. Right. Smoochies!)