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October 15, 2008

How many flat tire events which end quickly and easily is one allotted in life? I fear it is just one and that I used it up on Tuesday. I was on my way to work at about 7 AM and was driving in thick fog. I turned into the ShopRite supermarket plaza because they recently opened a Dunkin Donuts in the store and I am getting little a tired of Starbucks. Bam! I hit the curb hard and heard a funny noise, like all the air was being extinguished out of my rear tire. Which is exactly what happened. And the tires were less than two months old. So I called Phillip to come change the tire, as he had one day a few years ago on my way to work when I drove into a pothole, but it was Tuesday and he had patients all morning and had to leave for work pronto. Bummer. So I called AAA, and wondered how I would spend the next couple of hours. I figured I could start by getting some shopping done as well as picking up that coffee. So I put up the hood of the car, left a note on the dash and went into the ShopRite. I wandered around, got my stuff, got my coffee, came out and look! There was the AAA man busily (and politely I may add) removing the tire from my car! I was very pleased, and even more so when I opened up the spare tire bin and found a full-sized spare! I left the parking lot less than a half hour after I got the flat and was at work before 8. Karma, baby! Car karma! I had it on Tuesday!