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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

October 13, 2008

I was reluctant to use last Friday's DD because of how dirty and green the house looked up close. But then I thought, hmmmmmmm, this might provide some incentive to my dear husband to powerwash the house, something he's been threatening to do. And it worked! We now have a nice clean house!

The ugly wire around the doggy door reminded me of what we had to do to contain Spenser in our last house. This picture was taken soon after we adopted him in 1996. (I was just 15 years old, a child bride as you can see.) I think that it was just about the day after we brought him home that he escaped from here on the deck. Clayton had never escaped, had no interest in escaping, so this took us by surprise. Though it's kind of hard to see, I am reaching to the top of the wire Phillip had to mount onto the deck. It never seemed to be enough, Spenser kept escaping. In order to figure out how he was doing it, I would take Clayton for a walk, and Spenser, upset that he had to stay home, would head to the deck. Meanwhile Phillip was up on the roof observing our tri-colored Houdini so he could determine where fortifications were required.

The corner proved to be a problematic area but really, with enough wire you can do just about anything.