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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

October 23, 2007

Clayton was my first dog and when we adopted him I told Phillip that I didn't want him on the bed. This did not last very long and I gave in and let him on the quilt, but the sheets were off limits. No touching the sheets. This did not last very long either and I gave in and let him touch the sheets. But no going under. And before I knew it, I had three beagles all sleeping under the covers. Clayton doesn't like to sleep with us anymore: he starts out on the bed but then moves to his doggy bed or crate. Spenser likes to sleep between Phillip and me, up at the headboard and on one or more pillows.

Here is is warming up for the night. He'll move when Phillip comes to bed but not without a vocal protest. Something about cruelty to animals.

In twelve years, Clayton has yet to figure out that the humans have priority over the beagles and I always have to move him. He expresses his bewilderment over this heinous act with copious wiggling.

"Hey, could someone get me the clicker please?"