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October 19, 2007

Speak want frozen deer poop on a stick or in a bowl?

Congratulations to Junebugs's Mom
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was 2 Beagles Mama for:

3 for 1 Special! 3 for 1 Special! Buy 3, and we can all have 1!

The other captions:

  • Now this is COOL!!! -- Debi
  • Boring Boring Boring riding around in this stupid truck all day trying to sell ice -- Debi Saula
  • Spumoni!! come and get your spumoni! -- Holly Jo's mom
  • Frosty Paws! Get ya ice cold Frosty Paws here! -- David
  • Get your Frosty Paws here .....Frosty Paws ... Get Your Frosty Paws here .... -- Eileen, Tampa, FL
  • Just Chillin -- beagle bill
  • Sorry, we're out of strawberry ice cream -- Sully
  • Place your order here and pick up in the back!!!!! -- Jed
  • Would you like that with or without the Milk Bone sprinkles? -- Jule
  • Sorry kids...we ate it all -- Rusty's Dad
  • What??? No poopsicles??? -- Rusty's Mom
  • The boys decide on a new venture to support their milk bone habit! -- Kim Jackson - maggies mommy
  • "Get your ices"... -- Jenna
  • The final step in acquiring the "Kramer Kool Bus" is now complete. Takeover Acomplished! -- Sammie & Freckles beagles
  • I can't use the ice cream scoop - we will just have to eat it all ourselves -- Maggie Moos Mum
  • Come and get your "Garden State Parkway Poopsicles" -- 1-0-1
  • Come and get it... Frozen Greenies just 5 Milkbones a piece! -- Harper, Whisky Girl's "Mom"
  • The boys come home on the brainfreeze express! -- james
  • nope, we don't have any more of that.......No, It's gone........ Sorry, fresh out! Sorry, no. -- The Cheese Shoppe
  • Step right up and get your italian ice, two lines, no waiting. -- Samantha
  • Imagine that, the inventory's disappeared again. Dunno how that keeps happening... -- Dave Redmond
  • Hey Clayton, maybe we should have stopped after 4 boxes! -- Gunner and Bailey Beagles
  • Hey kids! Special today, two for one! -- Theresa DeWolf
  • Now serving Frosty Paws! -- Chester and Diana Beagles' Mommy
  • the super kool dogs, purveyors of fine ice cream -- Alec's Mom and Dad
  • The boys re-create the bear in the ice cream truck scene from Borat: Cultural Learnings of America. -- Scooby's Mom
  • Beagles and Bones and Ice Cream Cones... -- BestBeagleGirl
  • "No, you WON'T find dog hair in your treats!" -- Benny's Mom in Wisconsin
  • Gosh, now we know why those humans like italian ice so much! -- Em
  • Yes I'll have a Strawbeagle Shortcake, Clayton Chip Cookie Sandwitch and a Spenser Cone please! -- Bri & his Beagle
  • Hey! Anybody know a fast cure for Beagle Brain Freeze? -- Abigail van Beagle
  • Clayton and Spenser find no takers for their beef broth flavored Popsicles. -- Steve
  • "Sorry, we're all out of Italian Ice. How 'bout a Frozen Snausage-on-a-Stick?" -- Paws for Thought
  • Clayton is not thrilled with "How Much is that Doggy in the Window" playing over and over again. -- Binzo Bones
  • Good thing the person who this ice cream van belongs to is not here!!!! -- Emily
  • Buy an Ice, and help send a beagle to camp! -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • Clayton is ready for a nap after eating all the sweet treats! -- CGS
  • Buy my ice cream or I'll sniff you
  • I don't know if I trust these two in a truck filled with ice cream! -- Carol and Daisy