The Daily Digital Photo
Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

October 3, 2007

Mary from Wyoming emailed me last week to tell me about her beagle Spencer. Not only does he have the same name as our Spenser (different spelling, though), but he's another very, very tall boy. Here he is with 7-week old Oliver. Spencer was a little over a year when this photo was taken. What a wonderful picture! Mary writes, Spencer, aka Sir Spencer of Naughtyham, continues to spend his days romping with the rest of the beagle pack at our house and he and I graduated from our second obedience course. He and I may delve into the world of agility. Spencer is a very loving, sweet boy!" Thanks so much for the wonderful photo, Mary! And to everyone else, I'm planning a week or two of guest DDs for when I go on vacation next month, so get your camera out. I'll post an email address in a few weeks.