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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter

October 14, 2005

Living at the Ritz
In the lap of luxury
Don't think they're just dogs

Congratulations to Bev Clarke,
winner of this week's haiku caption contest!

This week's runner-up was gary for:

No room in the bed,
Owners consigned to the couch,
Beagles in repose.

The other haikus:

Oh Scooter my friend
The pillows have been taken
Let me rest my head -- Mollys mom

Fall is approaching
Hibernation takes effect
Goodnight sweet beagles -- Sammie Beagle

Beagles on the bed
Two of them are head to head
So what if they shed -- Rusty's Dad

Lying on the bed
Posing for the camera
We are cute, mais non? -- Luke Skybeagle

Three sleepy beagles
Ready for a little nap
Dreams of bacon wraps -- Juders - Nova Scotia

One behind
Two in front
The bed is ours! -- Lois & AndyB

On the bed, pillows
Beagles make good pillows, too
Beagles like pillows -- Rob Hurst

Dogs lie in repose
and pose for restful photo
Let sleeping dogs lie -- Sue French

I sneeze and wonder
Beagle, beagle, beagle hair
How did it get here? -- Josie's Mom

Three sleepy beagles
Worn out from mischief making
Snuggle in their quilt -- Kim

Of the three bed-bugs
Who's love bite put onto me
Which would be most sweet! -- Debra Coombs

Just me and my buds
Um, not hanging out on the rug
I want a belly rub! -- Gunner and Bailey

Clayton! you promised
me you wouldn't invite strange
beagles to our house! -- Kevin Piersol

comfy, comfy bed
to snooze here all day long is good
can we stay here Mom? -- Karen Klein

Old friends, like bookends,
snuggle on the quilt so warm
Hey you, move over! -- kipper beagle

ZZZ, ZZZ, ZZZ, ZZZ, Snork!
What is this interruption?
Morning nap...ruined -- Sam and Ted

tricolor bookends
lone pillow hog at the head
soulful eyes closing -- otis longpaws

Nap time for the boys.
Where are the cookies and milk?
Warm hearts. Full tummies. -- Lennie's dad

dogs are in the bed
all resting nice and quiet
morning will come soon -- redsox fan

the deadline looms and
I have no haiku ready
play some more polka -- haiku procrastinator

stars over the beach
listen to my whistling
the ships are sailing -- beagle fan


beagles are cool, yo!
their long, fat,tails wag, uh-huh!
their ears blow in wind -- Trent

What? it's not bedtime?
excuse me, we are resting
shhh, we are cozy -- Tanya

Blue and yellow quilt
Beagles prepare for winter
"This is our bed now." -- Beeaglemom with Stickley and Wynnie

No! We cannot move!
Shhh! Listen! Sounds in Kitchen!
Move! Fridge Door Open! -- Barb Shaw

Spenser said try it.
Oh, Brother, where art thou now?
Superglue is BAD. -- Beagles R Us

love the beagle pups
they will keep you warm at night
undercover pups -- Pamela Dolan

Turning in circles
Waiting until i find it.
Ah, the perfect spot! -- Kristy

this is a haiku
i forgot what its about
maybe tomorrow... -- ~~~el salvadorian

i love beagles yes
i love beagles yes i do
i love beagles yes -- caelyn

Three of us are here
Two of us are bumping heads
One likes pillows best -- Meg Gooddog

Two of us bump heads
One brother is all alone
Matisse should be here -- Zoey Gooddog

Two beagles are bored
One sleeps and dreams of cookies
This is a dog's life -- Phoebe Gooddog

Its quite a dog sight
Many beagles on the bed
No room for humans -- Melissa and Brandy Beagle

they sleep in the bed
got no time for my beagles
they are so bored now -- ~~beagle for sale~~

See the phone right there?
It's way back in the corner...
It's canadian. -- ~~buenos dias~~


i'am so bored now.
i do not know what to do
i'll look at beagles -- bored internet man

Curled up on the bed.
We don't have to go to work.
Have a nice work day! -- Benny's Mom

Beagles on the bed,
sleep will come easily now,
dreaming of hunting..... -- Beagle Lover

Three dogs on a quilt
Dream pastel dreams of dogfood
And raids on pantries -- Meg Gooddog

preparing for a fall nap
frolicking beagles
amaze with their ambition -- amiejade

If rain keeps falling
The wooden headboard will float
Live on Mountain Dew -- Randy N.

I went to Woodstock
With some beagle friends of mine
THEY had a good time -- Jody Rich

This bed is much more
comfortable than ours is
lets sleep here instead. -- kevin

clouds appear and bring
beagles a chance to rest from
baying at the moon -- BeagleFiend

This is our bed
Don't even think to use it
You sleep on the ground -- Wondicky in Tokyo

Siamese we are
with one brother in the back
love is all the same -- Kramer and Kate

i've entered 9 results for this
when will we see the results
of this big contest? -- ~~patient waiter~~

beagles on the bed
snuggling close together
time to go to bed -- todd and allison murray

Three Beagles on Bed
Sleep is around the corner
Hark I hear fridge door! -- Sam the Beaiku

Who are we, you ask
We're three beags from New Jersey
We're loved and love back -- Phoebe Gooddog

Into an old bed.
Comfortable we three are.
Can you get the light? -- Mike Coll - Louisiana

Eat beans for dinner
Rolling clouds of noxious fumes
Doggie sleeps alone. -- sississippi

Beagle Boys hanging out
Wait for Pizza Delivery
See who gets there first!!! -- Virginia Michaels - mom of Little Penny

Pastel quilt under
Pillows to lean on and nap
Scooter stays awake -- Meg Gooddog

Beagles need their rest
Clayton and Spenser recline
Scooter is their guard -- Phoebe Gooddog

Beagles on a quilt
Show no sign of thought or guilt
Soon will beagles dream. -- Dixie's Aunt Vic

Three dogs on the bed
Not asleep as they should be
Dad having a snack -- Roo's Mom

Pilots' ready room
Their skills honed to a fine edge
Waiting for breakfast -- Mark O.

We are set to nap
Clayton wants a little space
Now - where is the sun? -- Meg R.

Beagles meditate
Clouds of dog breath fill the air
No one sleeps tonight -- Rosalie

Be cute, be sweet, be
adorable as pie; yet
the pillows are mine. -- beagly little thing

Good friends, a soft bed,
fluffy pillows for your head,
come cuddle with me. -- Roodi Otterbeagle

Brown, Black, White, and Tan,
Ears that droop and eyes that sag,
Beagles are the best! -- Bryce Williams

Lying on the bed
Will it be here soon? -- Julie's kids

three dogs on the bed
two snuggle with each other
the third is alone -- Howard

We are beagles three
Clayton, Spenser, and Scootie
The best brothers we. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo