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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

October 31, 2003

It is Howl-o-ween
The treats alas are eaten
Pepcid is my friend.

Congratulations to Mo and Abbey's Mom,
winner of this week's Halloween Haiku caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Jackson for

Dog of principle,
Dressed like the Cat In The Hat
Scooter won't go out.

The other haikus:

Deep "Cat in Hat" shame.
Hari-kari for Scooter?
Naaaaa....Trick or Treat time! -- Booogle Buddy

Alas! Chocolate is
Bad for dogs. Where's the house that
Gives away deer poop? -- Ike and Pete's sister

On Halloween eve,
I sit by myself
Hoping for Halloween treats. -- Merbley

bucket, hat, trick or treat
really just want something to eat
best would be some meat -- TjL

Its All Hallows Eve
Mischief and Mayhem abound
Give me TREATS lady -- Sarah Courtney, Spencer & Katie Bug

No tricks in my hat
Just tasty treats for this hound
Humiliating -- Calvin's Aunt

The things I endure
for tricks and treats, tell me dad
is it time to leave? -- Matthew In Baltimore

For making me wear
this hat, special treat for you,
I left in your shoe. -- Calvin "Ghostly Odor" K. Peanut

On All Hallows Eve
Beagles in 'guise coloured bright
Wait the scary night.... -- Maggie Moo's Mum.

A beagle in tan
wearing a black and orange hat
wishing for candy -- Tina Evans Dykstra

Feeling like a fool
I'm having to wear this hat
I just want candy -- Amber

Scooter waits to go
Trick-or-Treating with his kin.
Will there be dog treats? -- Meg Gooddog

Way too much candy.
Indigestion. Nausea
Barf bucket nearby. -- Julia and Moose

The Cat in the Hat
is very overrated.
Now give me my treat! -- Beaglemom

The Cat in the Hat
now resides in the belly
of a pleased beagle. -- R&E's Mum

Empty basket nigh,
Scooter awaits his costume
To collect his treats. -- Phoebe Gooddog

Hurry, Clayton, and
Hurry, Spenser! It's time to
Go begging for treats. -- Phoebe Gooddog

I'm gonna be late!
Mom, Mom, Mom, where's my costume?
I want my treats now. -- Zoey Gooddog

SO I look the Fool
Only Candy makes me Drool
Treat me right TONIGHT -- sam,zoey and romeo

Poor Sadden Beagle
On The Haunted Hardwood Floor
With Empty Basket -- Prada

Trick or Treat Again
I can't wait to see my friends
Let Milk Bones beware -- D. Philp

my halloween friend
give me goodies to eat, Please!
no treats, I bite feet! -- kllightcap

Dr. Seuss chapeau
Empty plastic goody pail
A dog's Halloween -- KK

It's Trick or Treat time.
Scooter wonders which to do,
But Treats will win out. -- Jenny T. Gooddog

Hurry, hurry up!
The early bird gets the treats!
Hurry, hurry up! -- Joey Gooddog

Black and orange hat
For the orange beagle guy
Bring out yer treats, now -- J. Syron

Frost on pumpkin, check!
Houses filled with candy, check!
Time to go Treating! -- Meg Gooddog

Oh Halloween Night!
All dressed up, no where to go
Share the treats with me? -- Rock-a-feller

trick or treat
smell my paw
give me meat and make it raw! -- Sage (and uncle Buster beagle)

The dog in the hat
I want a lot of candy
I'm a cool beagle! -- Melissa

Black and orange witch hat
Pumpkin treat basket ready
Lets' Go Trick or Treat! -- Bogie's Mom Hard at Work

Halloween is nice,
But Christmas is much better.
Then we get presents. -- Jack Gooddog

Demons Dancing Free.
Beagle, Waits Impatiently.
Hardcore Candy,Spree? -- Prada's Haikoo-koo Daddy

Although lack of fear
I wish my mistress was here
On such scary night -- Harrie Ploegmakers (The Netherlands)

Haloween ya-hoo!
Goodies for me and not you.
I'm full, you want some? -- 1-0-1

I hate Halloween--
No candy for the beagle
And I wear this hat! -- Scott Klein

crazy sniffing dog
loves to eat lots of dog treats
then likes to sleep after -- Scott Mieczkowski

Dr. Suess I ask
Who wants a cat in a hat?
Capped Scooter rules! -- Drew, Caron, and Virginia

I want some candy,
On the night of halloween,
Please, take me with you! -- Emily

Candy corn, chocolate,
Cookies, caramels, apples,
Peanuts -- Scooter dreams! -- Zoey Gooddog

My hat doesn't fit;
A beagle's above all this
Bring on the candy! -- Furn Burfle

The Cat in the Hat
Has nothing on me, a dog,
Thing One and Thing Two -- Harvey the Flaming Rodent

Yes I have candy
On my handsome head is hat
I howl on Howlaween -- Sam T. Beagle

Ready for candy
Must get mass quantities now
Beagle sized sweet tooth -- Julie's kids

I hate this dumb hat
I hate this dumb basket too
But the candy's great! -- Adam the Beagle and Sonny the Schipperke

Large pigs in the air
Happiness is not a frog
Warm fluff over figs? --

Scooter wants his treats,
He wants his costume, and he
Pines for a broomstick. -- Phoebe Gooddog

Oh, haiku, schmaiku!
I want my Halloween treats.
The wait is too long. -- Meg Gooddog

I ate all my treats.
I feel a little queasy.
Will I bark or barf? -- Jenny T. Gooddog

Ghostly hunting hound
Tail up, nose down, all around,
Tricking and treating. -- N Wiseman (Brisbane, Australia)

chilly walk is fine
as long as it finds yummy
treats in my bucket -- Heather FaerieStar