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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

October 26, 2000

I was going to sniff his butt, but I can't seem to find it.

Congratulations to Julia & Moose, winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's anonymous runner-up submitted:
   As the clock struck twelve, the unthinkable happened.

Dave Dwyer's caption this week was:
    Wellll... from the looks of it I think we can get 50 biscuits in it..You hold, I ring the doorbell..

The other captions:

  • Clayton look OUT it's showing its teeth --
  • I saw this movie once where this guy had a head of a pumpkin; ohhh my --
  • Not much of a hunter! His breath smells like...nothing! -- Dawn Eng
  • You're right, it is Spenser -- 
  • Good job on the costume Spenser, now go get us some treats -- DavidP
  • Who ate all our treats? -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • I don't see the candy, do you? -- Veronica
  • Boo! -- Becky-She Beagle-Queen of the Universe
  • We told Spenser not to say those magic words, now he's turned into a pumpkin -- Meg Az.
  • Scooter does impressions too. -- J. Syron
  • Using Scooter's vicious mug as a model, Clayton chews a jack-o'-lantern out of a plastic ball. -- Spot
  • Get your own Treat or Treat bucket!! -- D. Philp
  • See Clayton, that's what will happen if you don't let Dad brush your teeth! -- Trixie the Beagle
  • Duh, whatta s'pose it is? I dunno but it sure smells funny -- Paul Guerin
  • "Careful. It might be a trap." -- T. Hicks Syron
  • If you pick it up with your left paw, maybe we can get the treat out from underneath! -- cindy
  • Hey!! Do you know where this guy hid his legs? -- Mike Robitaille
  • what can this be? animal vegetable or mineral its cerainly not edible!! -- monique.
  • Well Scooter,if this goofy looking guy can get goodies, we're a shoe in................. -- KLLIGHTCAP
  • Are we supposed to bark or what? -- Meg Beagle
  • Trick or treat!
  • I think there's a teeny little beagle in there looking out at me. -- Phoebe Beagle
  • Does it bite? -- List Mom
  • I told you if Mom saw us misbehave again she said somebody's head would roll -- furball
  • It's not a Buster Cube, Clay! You don't have to roll it around to get the treats out.  -- KK
  • Is that chronic-halitosis??? -- Liz
  • Clayton! don't get too close, it might bite you! -- Marie Binn
  • So what do you think? It doesn't appear to bite. -- Judy Weber
  • Where are those Shock Tarts?? -- Pamela P.
  • "Snoopy's friend was right. There IS a Great Pumpkin!!!! But where's the treats?" -- Dee and Max
  • So when are they going to put the Milk Bones in? -- Lesley Dannelley
  • What do you think? Should we trick-or-treat early this year? -- SAM FROSCH
  • No! No! No!. He said "Trick or treat! Smell my Feet."  -- Rachel
  • You push him from the right and I'll tackle him from the left! -- c. webb
  • CLAYTON! It was YOU! YOU ate all the CANDY!!!!!!!! -- Rebecca Murphy