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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

October 12, 2000

"Where's Scooter? We only have this conference room for an hour!"

Congratulations to Dawn Eng, winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was KK for:
   "When it gets REALLY cold, we'll have to squeeze Scooter in here too!"

Dave Dwyer's caption this week was:
    The runningmates rest after the grueling debates.

The other captions:

  • Morning All Ready! - MaryAnn Michaels
  • Told you we should have stayed at the Holiday Inn - VERONICA
  • At least we don't have to listen to dad snore down here. - Emmitt's Mom
  • We've been here all day-honest! - Emmitt's Aunt
  • Go away we're trying to take a nap. - Dennis Shackelford
  • I know you'r older, but I was here first -
  • I was here first! - Janet Shackelford
  • Twin sons of different mothers. - Becky F.
  • The Beagle Bundle Club's first meeting. - Joan Dwyer
  • Look! A Beagle bag chair! - Kathy Emery
  • You're on my side! - Meg Az.
  • He's not heavy....he's my brother - carrie beagle
  • Nothing like a relaxing afternoon with my favorite snuggle buddy. - Cara
  • This bed sure has shrunk since we were puppies! - Lesley Dannelley
  • Spenser scans the Great Wall for weaknesses while Clayton stares longingly at the treat cupboard. - D. Philp
  • Hey, get back over on your half of the bed! - Emmitt Greene
  • Scoot over I want some bed too..... - DaMarco Ellis
  • Nothing like a nap with your best pal! - C. Webb
  • Noah's Ark - Furball
  • Mommy, when do I get my own bed? Brother is crowding me. - Dawn F.
  • "Care to snuggle?" - Nena Davis
  • "Snug like bugs in a rug? What bugs?!?" - Nena Davis
  • Do these things come in three beagle capacity?  - Nena Davis
  • My friend forever! - Teresa Meyers
  • Geez, I wish Mom would turn the heat on! - Meg R.
  • "Two is Company, Three a Crowd!" - Lori Chapman
  • This basket isn't big enough for the both of us! - Sam Frosch
  • Keep way from me ! - Eric , from Taiwan
  • Us move? Never! - Erin Dutka
  • It's not easy, being this cute. - J. Syron
  • There were two in the bed and the little one said "Roll over, roll over" so they all rolled over... - D. Apperley
  • "Move over! You are hogging all the room!" - Monica Tuttle
  • This is my bed. I was here first! MOM!!!! - Joan
  • snooze, ya' lose - molly
  • Two "B's" in a pod. - Cheryl Goodwin
  • what a day for a daydream...daydreaming boy(s)  - Kellie Lightcap
  • Great minds think alike! - Eva
  • Two tricolored beagles resting in a dog bed. - Lydia Davidson