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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

November 18, 2008

Look quickly because you won't see it again - Spenser's in the crate! Spenser is not a crate kind of beagle, unless he's not feeling well, so this is a pretty rare occurence and so really the only explanation is that he was drawn to the gorgeous cherry and fine craftmanship. Speaking of furniture, we bought a chair this weekend which will replace Spenser's chair (although the new one will still belong to him) AND the TV in the living room. The chair won't arrive for a couple of months, enough time, I suppose, for Phillip to research TVs for the wall. Did you ever watch the show "Designing for the Sexes" on HGTV? They'd find a couple who disagreed strongly about the design of a room in their home, and this guy would come in to bring peace and redecoration. Invariably the husband's concern was about keeping (or acquiring) a humonguous TV. I don't quite understand the TV thing, but I got my chair and for that I am grateful.