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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

November 6, 2008

Being new dog owners thirteen years ago, we bought carpeting that was way too light and possessed some kind of advanced physics capability because it was a virtual dirt magnet. I quickly became obsessed with keeping the boys' paws clean and I remember the mornings when Clayton would run the fence when he saw Cookie the bearded collie and I'd have to pick him up at the doggy door and deposit him directly into the bathtub. Early on we taught the boys to "do a dooooown!" as soon we let them into the house through the front door, letting us use a towel on their paws, whether they were dirty or not. "Do a dooooooooown!" has about ten syllables and a catchy tune (except when I sing it), and all these years later the boys still know what to do when they hear it. So when Spenser required a foot hosing the other day, he cooperated perfectly on the drying portion because he is such a smart and obedient Mr. Man. And speaking of smart, not a speck of beige carpet has ever graced THIS house and it never will.