The Daily Digital Photo
Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

November 20, 2007

Several years ago I printed these two pictures of the boys and put them between sheets of photo laminate. We always take them on vacation and usually put them in the corner of the mirror in the room, if there is one. All that humidity over the years has unglued the laminate but the photos are safe and we take them nevertheless; they have become part of our vacation experience. (This vacation was the first since we lost Scooter, but he is always with us and vacation is no exception.) Anyway, during the process of unpacking they ended up on Phillip's nighstand and got lost with a lot of other stuff he'd put there. Then, one day the nicest thing happened. We came back to the room after our morning dives to find the bed made, towels refreshed, toilet paper folded over, and this:

The maid had used the unglued laminate sheets as a frame to stand the photos up on the nightstand, pushing the other clutter aside. I was so touched by this. She obviously realized that the dogs in the photos were important to us, and she took the time to help us enjoy them. There wasn't much hot water in that room, but there was a lot of kindness.