November 8, 2007

Harper and Rick write:
Whisky is our first Beagle (and a 13") and she will be 3 years old on December 20th. My husband always wanted a Beagle, and she was my birthday present 2 years ago. She was 7 months old when we got her and we got her through an ad in the newspaper. The owner is in the military and he and his wife couldn't keep her. Not quite a rescue dog, but we didn't get her from a breeder. She was timid and scared and was completely frightened of our black lab, JD. We actually got her to be a companion for JD. The previous owners kept her outside 24/7, and her only shelter was the garage. After about 2 months with us, she gradually got over her fear, and now, quite honestly, rules the roost; including JD (who is 2.5 times her size!). They are best friends, and don't like to be separated. Rick, too, did not want to allow the dogs in the bed, but I'm a marshmallow when it comes to animals, and well, it tends to get a bit crowded in our bed with the two of us, plus the 30 pound Beagle and 84 pound Black Lab. When we're unwinding after work in the evenings, if she's not in her snuggle bed in the living room, she's on my lap snoozing. Rick, my husband, is a contractor, and we have two fire hydrants in our backyard that he salvaged from job sites. He brought them home for the puppies, though quite honestly, I doubt that they use them. Along with that, we've decorated the yard with odd metal signs & decorations like the one above the fire hydrant in the picture that was Rick's idea to put that sign over the fire hydrant. Yes, we live in California, and those are grape and blackberry vines. When we bought our house last year, I knew it was the right one for us because the room next to the master bedroom has wood parquet flooring, a sliding glass door, and it already had a doggie door built into the wall next to the door. Our dogs have their very own room! We keep their food in there, and one of their water bowls, and doggie beds when we leave for work, we just shut the door into the rest of the house, and they can still come inside their room when they want to. Okay, is that just over-doing in terms of the dogs being part of the family, or what?