The Daily Digital Photo
Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter

November 1, 2007

"Anatomy of an Entrance."
Featuring the nifty steps that Phillip built.
The highest step could have been just a little lower, but no one is complaining.
"Hi, I'm home!"

It's that time again -- time for the Guest Daily Digital!

They'll run through about November 7th to the 16th, with maybe an earlier start depending on how our vacation packing goes. Okay, now here are the rules:
  • One photo per person.
  • Send it by the end of this Friday, November 2.
  • Include a caption and/or a paragraph.
  • I reserve the right to edit the photo as well as the caption/paragraph.
  • Please send them to and put "Daily Digital" in the subject.
Get snapping!