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November 4, 2005

Clayton prepares for his new role as sous-chef at Chez Kramer.

Congratulations to Meg Gooddog,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Maggie Moo's Mum for:

Paris Hilton's Pooch may love manicures but it wasnt really catching on in 'normalville'

The other captions:

  • I don't wanna be the official food tester. -- Hansen girls
  • He puts his left paw in - he takes his left paw out... -- amiejade
  • Why yes, that is Palmolive you're soaking in. -- Jack's Dad
  • No beagle worth her howl goes out without her nails done.! -- Ricki Porter
  • After several trips to the woods, it was time to head home for some much needed TLC -- Sammie Beagle
  • Even a guy deserves to look good on his night out! -- Bob Porter
  • Relax, it's Palmolive -- Becky - beaglemom
  • Relax ..... It's Palmolive! -- Josie's Mom
  • Mom - Could we leave off the red polish? Please! -- Kipper Beagle
  • This little piggy's got an owie -- sixdogoldhouse
  • Hey, shouldn't we be using a spoon to stir this? -- Sue French
  • No No, I'm fine now, Really -- kevin piersol
  • After a tough week of beagle activities, there is nothing more relaxing than a nice manicure! -- Philip
  • Palmolive, tough on your dishes, gentle on your hands -- Juders in Nova Scotia
  • Put your little foot in, take your little foot out...that's what it's all about! -- Kim Jackson
  • This hurts me more than it hurts you -- Danny Boy's Mom
  • This won't hurt I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Robert Dunn
  • Relax, it's Palmolive. -- the very obvious Magic the blind beagle
  • I soaked in it? -- Elvis T. Beagle, JRT
  • I have told you before not to play with my nail polish -- Max's Mom
  • "No really, it's Palmolive, you're soaking in it!" -- Buddy G
  • Is this neccessary? I mean I am just going to dig again.anyway..I have a date with a hole at 2 p.m. -- Lady & Tramp
  • Do I REALLY need a pedicure? -- Lois & AndyB
  • Making Cookies, Lesson 1. -- Meg Gooddog
  • "When do we put the chocolate chips in?" -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • Trying hard not to shed hair into the batter.... -- Zoey Gooddog
  • Madge is right! My paws are much softer! -- Barb Shaw
  • Umm, Mom? Two things: You ain't Madge and that ain't Palmolive. -- Dave Dwyer
  • Great!! She is doing my nails again. -- Randi Wittman
  • Time for your weekly spa treatment! -- Sue Rasmussen
  • It softens paws while you do the dishes! -- Roo's Mom
  • With his latest escapade, Clayton does little to dispel his "momma's boy" image. -- Debra Coombs
  • My cuticles have been a little rough lately. -- Karen Klein
  • "You're soaking in it." ... "Madge!" -- Julia and Moose
  • "Enough with the mixing. She is DEFINITELY getting an electric mixer for Christmas." -- Julia and Moose
  • Mama fussing over me almost makes this owwie worth it! -- Hannah French
  • Not again!! We did this last week! You told me that we wouldn't do this until next April. -- abby wabby
  • I DON'T WANT A MANICURE!! IT'S SOO UN BEAGLEY!!! -- ^_^ beagles rule
  • Is it mild? It's more than mild! -- Amber
  • Mom, are you sure I have to eat the Miso soup with my hands? -- cody's pop
  • and I thought we were going out for chinese food -- j
  • It's Palmolive, you're soaking in it. -- M. Wold
  • "Now, Clayton, just stir the mixture till it's well blended." -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • nooo please i want some -- emily the kool nerd
  • First you have a parafin wax treatment, then the pedi-mani. -- Arlenne
  • It softens your paws while you do dishes.
  • Palmolive- not just for washing dishes! -- Chester Beagle's Mommie
  • I'm telling you mum, it's too small to have a bath in!! -- Julieanne
  • Doggie pedicures for now - next up the massage. -- Jake
  • What?! I'm soaking in dishwater????? -- Olga B.
  • Oh the price of beagle beauty! -- Libby and Emily
  • When they said she'd teach me the hokey pokey I thought there'd be music involved. -- Rebecca
  • When you said "pedicure", I didn't know you meant a medicinal foot bath! -- Gandolf and Kramer
  • You put your right paw in, you take your right paw out.... -- Daisy's mom
  • I've always thought my nails were exquisite -- todd and allison murray
  • i dont feel so good -- mercedes gasca
  • wow! does she really have to do this instead of my own!! -- erika martinez
  • After your manicure, we'll fix your hair and dress, then it's off to the Prom. -- Molly and Bill
  • Clayton distracts himself by pretending it is manicure day -- Simon
  • I 'am' a metrosexual, I 'am' a metrosexual, chants Clayton to himself -- Simon
  • Don't you think I'm just a bit too old for finger painting? -- Scout's other half
  • Suddenly Clayton realizes that a Pet Pedicure isn't really the Manly Thing To Do! -- Rosco's Mom
  • Before we dye the eggs, let's do a color test. -- Hokie's Hounds Beagle Rescue
  • Is it time for a pedicure again? -- AnnMarie
  • Lady you are all wrong ! We, Beagles, normally look for with our mouth (and stomach) not our toe -- Wondicky In Tokyo
  • "Maybe today i'll get french tips. do you think pink goes with what i'm wearing?" -- Emily Hohnadel
  • It's Palmolive dishwashing detergent - and "You're soaking in it!" -- Benny's Mom
  • "I don't care if you think you ARE Madge the Manicurist - I don't want to soak in Palmolive!" -- Benny's Mom
  • thats much beter -- chase hollowell
  • "Now Clayton, the proper way to get a manicure is to dip the nails in like this" -- Beagle Lover
  • Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldron bubble -- Scout's other half
  • Ma helps paw. -- Jody Rich
  • No clayton this is not what is meant by bowling -- C Siding
  • Clayton loves a good footbowl game on Sunday. -- Bev Clarke
  • Dude! Is this lady painting my nails?! -- Breanna
  • Preparing for the Prom -- Lisa Allison
  • Puppy pampering--it's very nice. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo