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November 23, 2000

Laurie wistfully notes that this is one holiday kitchen crisis that Martha Stewart does NOT cover...

Congratulations to Dave Dwyer, winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Paula Willis for:
   Bumble Beagle Berry Pie

The other captions:

  • She forgot to shop for pumpkin and looked for a reasonable substitute - like nobody would notice! -- Meg Az.
  • Now that is a real turkey!!! -- Fred Heifert
  • Beagle Pie -- Stephanie
  • Spenser and Scooter said if I sat here I would get stuffed, mmmmm can't wait! -- 
  • "Clayton what happend to the turkey??" --
  • "I just gotta give these dogs a rest!" -- Wally Warhead
  • Voila! Jiffy-pup! -- Drew and Caron
  • The Great Butterball Beagle -- C. Goodwin
  • "Your turkey is always too dry, let me show you how to do it Mom." -- Dee and Max
  • "First you have to get the pan ready, then you prepare the stuffing,....." -- Dee and Max
  • But I was planning on turkey! -- cherim
  • "Um, when you asked me to come to dinner, this isn't quite what I expected!" -- Melissa N.