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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

May 25, 2009

Monday 8am. Last night I thought (again) the end was near but this morning Phillip put Spenser's Special Walk™ collar on and he was ready to go. It will be a short walk, but Phillip has always believed that Spenser is happiest out in the woods and he wants to give his boy a walk as long as he's able and enjoying it. Years ago, if you'd asked us what we saw in the future for the boys, it would be that Clayton would go first, Spenser second, and then Scooter. I guess you just can't predict the future.

Monday 1pm. Phillip and Spenser turned around soon after they started the walk. Spenser wasn't into it. He ate a treat a few hours ago, but after just drinking some water he threw it up. This is not quality of life, yet he still wags for us. We are waiting for him to tell us when. We are heartbroken.

Spenser passed away at 5:17pm without pain and in our arms.

Laurie and Phillip
Clayton and Spenser