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May 22, 2009

Friday. I'm afraid that the news is not good for our Mr. Man, or for us. He has tumors in his liver and his lungs. They are probably from the cancer two years ago, and we are so glad that we gave him radiation because these extra two years have been a gift. We have medication to keep him comfortable for a little bit more time. How I wish we had more time. I'll continue to post over the weekend, and thank-you as always for your thoughts and prayers, they mean quite a lot to me.

Saturday. Spenser ate two greenies yesterday and slept through the night. His breathing is labored, but when Maggie beagle arrived to stay over for the night, he went outside with Clayton to greet everyone. Phillip, bless his heart, went out yesterday and rented an oxygen machine. So far Spenser hasn't wanted to have much to do with it, but it's here in case of emergency. Thank-you so much for your emails, thoughts, and prayers. I am having a hard time with this and knowing how wide the extended circle of caring is means so much.

Saturday 7:30pm. We spent the day watching Spenser breathe laboriously (rapid and shallow) and I thought that the end was near, but at about 5pm he suddenly started to perk up. He buried and then dug up a Dentabone which he ate (!) and Phillip was able to take him for a short Special Walk™ which he really enjoyed! We are cherishing this time. And I am cherishing your emails. So many people have said that they've followed the boys and us for years and feel like part of the family. Well, you all are.

Sunday 10am. Spenser ate a hamburger last night and slept well. We brought the green Coolaro bed upstairs because he really seems to like it, but he preferred to sleep on the floor. No breakfast this morning but he helped bring in the groceries and as I type, Phillip is getting ready to take him on another Special Walk™ before it gets warm. I don't know who enjoys these walks the most, Phillip or his Mr. Man. In any case, they are a blessing.

Sunday 7pm. Spenser had a short walk this morning and has been resting all day. He hasn't eaten anything except one biscuit, and that was from the gas station attendant when we loaded the boys in the car to run some errands. We're about to try chicken noodle soup. Many of our dog-loving friends have called and visited this weekend.

Laurie and Phillip
Clayton and Spenser