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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

May 21, 2009

Mr. Coy-Boy here is sporting a brand new belt for our lawn tractor. Isn't he handsome? I tell you, he's handsome no matter what he has on. Anyway, the belt broke last week while I was mowing. Phillip and I went to Home Depot on Tuesday where we tried to find a new belt but couldn't. So yesterday after work I stopped at the lawn mower store. Oh wait, first I stopped at the yuppie market in Princeton to get Spenser some hamburger. They had no meat that day. What?? So on I went to the lawn mower store where the man said that he had no belts as long as the one I'd brought in. Kind of odd for a lawn mower store, don't you think they'd have all different sizes? It's a pretty ordinary sized mower. But he said the John Deere guy was just up the road, so up the road I went. It took two John Deere men to figure out what belt I needed and it required a call to Phillip to find out if the mower said just "Scott", or "Scott by John Deere" (I've been driving this mower for ten years yet had absolutely no idea). It was the latter, fortunately, so I bought this belt for $46. It is slightly longer than the old one and I hope it fits, because the lawn hasn't been mowed in a week and it's getting hard to find Clayton in the grass. After my belt procurement I went to a real grocery store to get Spenser some hamburger, cold cuts, and Snausages. I picked up a loaf of french bread, came home, threw a couple of burgers on the grill and tried to relax after my globe-trotting errand excursion. But there was no time because Spenser had not eaten breakfast and we had to get some food into him. Phillip had luck with jerky strips and Snausages but as usual Spenser refused any form of dog food. He did eat a hamburger, though, so that was good. We tried to give him some french bread because he really needs the carbs, not the Dr. Atkins diet. I sopped up some burger juice with the bread and offered it to His Highness. Nope, he wouldn't touch it, until, wait, Phillip said "drop it on the floor" and I guess that added just the right seasoning because he ate several pieces that way before he called it a meal. He is one weird Mr. Man, but that's why we love him.