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May 19, 2009

Have you ever waited all day for the doctor to call and then left your phone upstairs when he did? That's what happened here yesterday, and the doctor was not Phillip but rather Spenser's oncologist. I took Spenser to the vet last Friday because his appetite was getting worse and he did not seem entirely well. He weighed 40 pounds at the vet which was slightly heartening because he looks kind of skinny, and 40 is actually what he weighed in January. They also drew blood especially to check his liver enzymes which have been quite high. So on Monday Phillip left a message with the regular vet and the oncologist. The regular vet called and reported that Spenser's liver enzymes were still high, but had lowered, so that's good news. But, he is anemic (with 36 being normal his was 31). This would account for his lethargy but what is causing it? While waiting for the oncologist to call, Phillip came up with this possible scenario: because Spenser has been on a fairly high dose of prednisone for the mast cell tumor, he could have developed a stomach ulcer which would certainly explain his lack of appetite and could well cause anemia if there was bleeding from it. Phillip wanted to discuss this theory with the oncologist but had left his phone upstairs and JUST missed the call by ten minutes. But the vet did say in his message that he'd looked at all the numbers and was not inclined to think that the anemia was a symptom of the cancer. Phillip will glue his phone to his upper arm today and hopefully they will get in touch. I have to admit that I spent all day yesterday imagining the worst, but last night Spenser ate a iron-filled hamburg and some steak which made me breathe a bit easier.