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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

May 12, 2009

Less than ten feet from that door lies the six foot submarine sandwich. Not to mention chips and dip, cheese and crackers, cookies, brownies and a phenomenal apple pie. Spenser knows this all too well, and he spent most of the beaglefest trying to get inside. The hell with his guests, he wanted ham and cheese. That's Rex up on top (I helped to get him adopted!) and the two girls with lots of white are Winnie (left) and Maggie (right). You met Maggie last month. Phillip really wanted to keep little Winnie and who could blame him. But alas, she already owns Marlene and Jim. I am not sure who the other two tri-colored beagles are, but if you do, let me know.