The Daily Digital Photo
Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

May 20, 2008

Once again, I was sitting in the living room minding my own business when Spenser let out another one of those shrieks. INTRUDER ALERT! This time I jumped out of my chair hoping to get to the doggy door before he did. But to my surprise, he remained on the couch and shrieked some more. "What it is, Spenser?" I asked, sitting down next to him and looking out the sliding glass doors. Maybe a squirrel? Or a wayward duck from the pond? No! No, it wasn't a squirrel, nor a duck, not a rabbit or a deer.

Nope, the intruder was none other than a big blue tarp covering up Phillip's new woodchipper. And my dog was protecting me from it. What a good boy!