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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

May 31, 2007

Clayton needs an x-ray and his appointment was for yesterday morning. Because they have to knock him out, he couldn't have anything to eat after 8pm on Tuesday night, and nothing to drink after midnight. Phillip and I EACH forgot the food rule and gave him a small treat at about 9 and 9pm respectively. Phillip said that he'd be okay with that, so in the morning while Spenser had his breakfast, Clayton stood in the driveway with Phillip. After we let him in, Clayton ran to his bowl and howled for his breakfast. Don't you feel terrible when you have to deprive them of their meals? I apologized profusely then went to check my email and the weather for the day. Clayton hovered around his bowl then all of a sudden I heard big gulps of water. "No!" I yelled and ran in to take up the water bowl that one of us (I won't name names) had left by accident. I carried him upstairs and put him in his crate so he wouldn't be tempted to and having a breakfast buffet in the yard. I thought it about it some more though and decided that it was just not worth the risk, so I called the vet and left a message that Clayton wouldn't be coming in for his x-ray because he had a nice big drink of water. I let him out of his crate and told him it was Suppertime! and he ran downstairs as fast as his little legs would take him. On the way to work the vet called to say that if it was just a little water it would be okay to bring him in, but of course he had eaten so I rescheduled for Monday. Spenser had 17 radiation treatments and had to be knocked out each time. And not ONCE did we leave food or water for him. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?