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May 24, 2007

The woods are alive with things that itch. A rainy spring has ushered in what looks to be the start of the nastiest mosquito season in many years. Normally they don't start their daily bloodsucking until late afternoon but this year they're out by two o'clock and just taking the trash down the driveway can be dangerous if you forget the Deep Woods OFF! Phillip and I both sprayed ourselves lavishly last night before heading out to the woods with the boys but that didn't stop a mosquito from leaving a welt half the size of Texas on his forehead and a smaller but maddeningly itchy bite on the PALM of my hand. I did not know that mosquitoes were even capable of biting the palm of ones hand. Did you?

Danger lurks closer to the ground in the form of those shiny three-leaved vectors of contact dermatitis. I'm talking about poison ivy of course and this year it's supersized: the leaves and the plants themselves are HUGE. It wasn't until a few years ago that I learned how to identify poison ivy and before that I was pretty much afraid to touch anything green except grass and money. Now I know what to avoid but this year I'm a little concerned about catching it from the boys who walk all over and through it. In fact, Clayton above is surrounded by it. Do you know what poison ivy looks like? Take the quiz below!

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