The Daily Digital Photo
Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

May 22, 2007

There are precious few days in a New Jersey spring when the temperature, humidity and mosquito population align themselves like the planets in a lucky horoscope to coax us outside for dinner. Now understand that when we eat inside, the boys are not allowed to beg or even cruise the table. In fact they are only allowed in the kitchen table area if they seat themselves on the mat next to the sliding glass door; otherwise forget it, you're out of here. One of them usually watches from a doggy bed in Phillip's office. Clayton also likes to lay down next to the refrigerator and occasionally he goes out to the sunroom and looks in. Guest dogs quickly learn the ropes because Phillip and I really hate begging at the table and we will get up, repeatedly if necessary, to move their sorry butts out of the room. So on that day or two in May when a light sweater and just a dusting of Deep Woods OFF! allows us to enjoy our evening meal outside, the boys usually require a refresher course in patio and picnic table etiquette. "Back it up!" we warn as they begin to hover, "Out, out, OUT!" This usually serves to trigger some fuzzy memory of the rules and regulations. Last night Clayton plopped himself on the doggy bed that Phillip brought outside while Spenser retreated to his lonely corner outpost. Good things come to those who wait and last night was no exception.