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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

May 15, 2007

Many thanks to Caron Sarver who took this great photo of Spenser and her beagle Virginia at our beaglefest on Saturday. They look very much alike despite the fact that she is about half his size. In fact Caron and her husband Drew were calling her "Mini-Me," which cracked me up. Both beagles, in fact all the beagles at the beaglefest wanted in to the house because that's where all the goodies were. I let Clayton in for rest periods because he can't reach the top of the dining room table, but Spenser, an NBA forward when he's not playing a beagle on the Daily Digital, can get anything at the edge so he definitely had to stay outside. And Virginia has been known to wreak havoc, or at least attempt to wreak havoc in our house, so she too stayed outside with her comrade in arms. Caron and Drew have another beagle, Tinker, who's journey through disk surgery and rehabilitation has been chronicled by Caron on Tinker's Blog and on the front page of Beagles on the Web. Caron, in case you don't know or remember, took over the site (except for the DD) from me when it became just too much for me to do. She has done a super job and I don't thank her enough, so...THANKS, CARON!! And next time you bring Virginia and Tinker here, make that Red Sox, please.