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May 24, 2002

Fully Organic Sunscreen

Congratulations to molly beagle eng,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Julia & Moose for:

    Searching for the elusive beagle brain, Dr. Kramer again finds only rocks.

The other captions:

  • First dog ticks, then deer ticks, then daddy ticks. -- C. Siding
  • "Look! I can see Pluto!" -- C. Siding
  • "I love dancing cheek to cheek" -- C. Siding
  • To pick up the scent, Scooter likes to roll in dead things. -- C. Siding
  • Nine out of 10 opthamologists recommend beagle ears for maximum UV eye protection. -- Mrs. C. Siding
  • Never put anything smaller than your daddy's head into your ear. -- C. Siding
  • This is sure to ruin the Q-tip industry. -- C. Siding
  • The newest version of sunblock! -- Melissa
  • "Now, isn't this better than sun glasses" -- the woburn bunch
  • Get complete UV protection from the Velvet Sun Shield, now just 29.99! (beagle included) -- deb coombs
  • Don't you think sunglasses would be easier? -- Martha Kobliska
  • While some find it irritating, Phillip appreciates Scooters "in-your-face" directness. -- Seamus Eng
  • When grooming your beagle, don't forget to clip nails and inspect ears for infection. -- Dawn Eng
  • Peek a Boo, where is Phil -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • "Here dad, let me shade your eyes from the sun" -- Lucy Van Pelt
  • Who loves ya baby? -- Emmitt's Mom
  • Ugh, I asked for a FEATHER pillow, not a FATHER pillow. -- Curtis
  • Wouldn't it just be easier to get shades instead? -- Emmitt Greene
  • I've got you covered Buddy. Have a nice nap. -- Emmitt's Aunt
  • He's breathing! I think he'll make it. -- Molly Fuller
  • Scooter shows how to check for breathing in his CPR class. -- Amber Stone
  • Beagle Sunshade...$25.00 Optional 2nd Earflap....$10.00 (Batteries not included) -- Bailey's Dad
  • Needing help sniffing out bargains, Laurie asked Phillip's help. She knew he had Scooter's ear. -- rusty blue eng
  • Sharing secrets on a sunny summer day. -- Prince Eng
  • Cool Snoopy shades, Man! -- pippi, the eng vegetable garden mouse
  • A bit cumbersome, yes - but the SPF protection is unbeatable. -- sophiepolly
  • What was that you said? -- Suzanne DeJoseph
  • Dad, does my ear really stink?? -- William L Davis
  • Why do I always have to protect his eyes when Dad forgets his sunglasses -- William L Davis
  • I sit quietly as Dad whispers sweet nothings in my ear about an endless supply of food and treats. -- William L Davis
  • Beagle SPF protection and and drool factor dual clinical study -- sam,zoey,romeo and cousin mainerd
  • The latest in sunblock protection! -- Maggie's mom
  • No really. I think it went in my ear. Pleeeaase. Just look. -- KimK
  • Quick, I'll cuddle and snuggle and hide his eyes while you go get the food off the table. -- Jean Mullins at
  • A soft beagle ear is much better than any old pair of sun glasses! -- C. Webb
  • Darn. I hate it when dad forgets his sunglasses. -- sississippi
  • New! Guaranteed to block those harmful UVA and UVB rays! -- Kichwa Tembo
  • I can hear the ocean! -- Chip and Annie Beagle
  • Friends, Romans, Beagles, lend me your ear! -- Meg Gooddog
  • When Daddy forgot his sunglasses, Scooter was glad to help out. -- Casey Gooddog
  • Face to face. -- Zoey Gooddog
  • Scooter™ Sunshades -- the very best! -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • I give up....maybe a 1993 Lafite? -- tropicana
  • That's some nasty breath, I need to roll on your face! -- jonathan berry
  • Beagle Sunglasses - prescription or nonprescription available -- D. Philp
  • Alas, poor Captain Siding -- smothered by a beagle head! -- Jenny T. Gooddog
  • The Secret Sharers. -- Dick Goodman
  • The Smothers Brothers, revisited. -- Joey Gooddog, M.D.
  • field tests for the new beagle sunscreen began today. -- Becky F.
  • "I'm not too sure if I like this new sunblock Laurie bought!" -- Dee and Max
  • "I don't hear him breathing! Its time for snout to mouth resuscitation!" -- Buster Beagle (AKA Buzza)
  • Hey man!!! You have to speak up. -- Suzanne DeJoseph
  • Yes, it does sound like he's breathing! Thank God ! -- Amy
  • who needs sunglasses? -- PL
  • I can hear the ocean ! ! -- david g
  • I can hear the ocean!!! -- Misty B
  • Here Scooter demonstrates the Vulcan Beagle Mind Meld, allowing the Human to have a complete brain! -- Adam the Beagle
  • Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy, beagles on my head make me glad..... -- Beagle Buddy
  • The Beagleblocker 2002.....latest in eye protection -- Candy "the Wonder Beagle"
  • New and Improved Eye Shades -- Terry Baker
  • Beagle sunblock-SPF15 -- AllieDogsMom
  • Ears looking at you, kid! -- Jack Gooddog
  • Hey, I can hear the ocean! -- Shorty*40
  • SPF...Beagle -- Bailey's Mom
  • I see no evil I hear no evil I speak no evil -- Angie Charlie & Bart
  • Clayton, don't worry about finding dads sunglasses, I have him covered for now. -- kllightcap
  • Introducing the New Beagle-Ears Sunglasses! -- Maria Troescher
  • Scooter gets an earful from his old Dad. -- Zoey Gooddog (beloved of Rusty Blue Eng)
  • Kiss me, Daddy! -- Meg Gooddog
  • The wind stopped. Suddenly, Phillip experienced an eary silence. -- Seamus Eng
  • Philip discovers that the aftershave "Eau de Duck Poop" only attracts Beagles -- Rosco's mom
  • Captain Siding has decided to "be the Beagle". -- Abby, Lady & Kiki
  • Man and his beagle--it just doesn't get any better. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • I don't care how close you get, I still can't see anything in there. -- Fred G. & Sammy Jo