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May 18, 2001

Who wrote that stupid ending to Old Yeller?

Congratulations to Dawn Eng,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was sississippi for:
    By doze id tuff dup!

Dave Dwyer's caption this week was:
    Guess it's time for that Claritin refill.

The other captions:

  • I really hate these summer colds -- Jenny from Illinois
  • Dang! Is it "feed a cold...starve a fever or starve a cold....feed a fever?" -- Jenny from Illinois
  • <sniff> ACHOO!! <sniff> oh dese darn allerngies! Dey alweys hit at de ACHOO!! wrog tibe. -- Rebecca Murphy
  • I can't stop sneezing -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • Those doggone Hallmark commercials get me every time! -- Teamk
  • allergies, don't tell me we are out of flonase again! -- kllightcap
  • Hayfever season affects everyone in the house. -- Emmitt's Mom
  • Honest Mom, my allergies have just been miserable this week!!!! -- marty yetter
  • Where's the vapo-rub???? --
  • I thought flu season is over!!! -- Julie
  • Advocates making Claritin an Over-the-counter allergy medicine. -- Kathy K.
  • I don't hab a code! Id's allergies! -- Becky F.
  • Who hid the Benadryl? --
  • I can't help it. This happens every time I watch "Shiloh." -- Bugaloo
  • "Mommy says I have a stuffy sniffer" -- KimK
  • Really, the cat did this --
  • AAAACHOOOO! -- Luci Williams
  • I gotsa bad code....aaachooo -- Amy Davis
  • Can anybody come up with a Kleenex that can handle this NOSE ? -- zoey,sam and romeo
  • ooooooh, I love a sad movie. -- beagle browser
  • If only they made Claritin for beagles -- danny boy's mom
  • Emergency Vets always gets to me like this. -- Carrie Beagle
  • I have a code in my muzzle. -- Meg Gooddog
  • I gotta stop watching reruns of "Lassie Come Home." -- Casey Gooddog
  • Don't you just hate allergy season? -- Tim Sousa
  • Can I have the Sniffling-Sneezing-Coughing-Aching-StuffyHead-Fever-So-You-Can-Rest Medicine? Please? -- Lisa Crowder
  • They just fell out of the box - honest! -- Deborah Girling
  • Would you believe a very bad cold! -- C. Webb
  • "I hate allergy season!" -- Melissa
  • I don't feel well. --
  • I love it when Scarlett says "As doG is my witness, I'll never go hungry again!" -- Susan Hogarth
  • "It wasn't me!" -- Gavin Muhlberger
  • Do you think I could be the poster beagle for Claritin? -- alliemcbeagle
  • what you talkin bout? -- Lee Casey
  • There's a reason I pulled out these tissues - I have a runny nose. -- Cara
  • Stupid sinuses -- Barker beagle
  • well, my nose is running and I had to do something about it! -- Karen Brooks
  • I didn't do it! I swear, I didn't do it! -- Arne Olsen
  • I didn't know we had scented kleenex! -- Arne Olsen
  • Oh I didn't notice you. How much did you see? -- Arne Olsen
  • That part when all Scarlett O'Hara can find to eat is that lousy turnip is just so sad! -- Lady Beagle , Kiki and Virginia Michaels
  • First the guest and now Clayton just is not stopping with the harsh words! -- Buster Beagle (king of dorks)
  • My Sniffer's snifflin' -- Daryl Duhamel
  • Scooter is caught watching "An Affair to Remember". -- J. Syron
  • Oops! I did it again! -- Lisa :-)
  • Eyes drenched with tears, nose running endlessly, Scooter waits for the end of allergy season. -- Rosalie
  • I've dot a code in da doze..... -- Annie Golding
  • The last scene of Madama Beaglefly gets to Scooter every time -- K. Spivey
  • My nose is running and all you can do buy the cheap kleenex! -- laura desmul
  • Bad dog! I've told ten times already! No Kleenex on the bed! -- Mariah
  • (Sniff) What a sad movie!! -- Lissa and Max
  • "I am so sad" --
  • That was the saddest film I've ever seen! -- Kate
  • I cry every time I watch "An Affair To Remember!" -- Jeanie
  • another sad story on "ALL MY BEAGLES" -- buster beagle (one dorky dog)
  • If you think you feel bad. . . -- steveh
  • Could someone please get me a honey and lemon drink please? -- Kerrythistle
  • Next time, let's rent a FUNNY movie! -- Meg R.
  • What kleenex? -- Meg Az.
  • The pollen doesn't *really* bother me, I just like the sound tissues make when I pull 'em out of the box
  • What ? It wasnt me! -- Crystal
  • HOME ALONE! YOU LEFT ME! -- Jimmie Ellis
  • I can't believe he hasn't called! -- Lori Fossen
  • "Will Lassie ever come home?" boooohoooo -- Hubble and Cassie
  • This cold is terrible... Achoo! --
  • Do they make Allegra D for Dogs? I could really use some help here! -- D. Philp
  • I'm a pollen, dust, CAT, Spenser is Mold, Mildew........... -- kllightcap
  • cab you get bore tissues? -- Megan Kramer
  • sniffles -- Howard W Knoebel