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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter.

May 4, 2001

Practicing for the team flossing finals.

Congratulations to C. Siding, winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was anonymous for:
    Bonds aren't it anymore, Scooter, IRAs, CDs, that's where the money's at....

Dave Dwyer's caption this week was:
    Zen master Clayton encourages Scooter to "BE the stick"

The other captions:

  • No, don't bite down, Clayton. You have to let me pull the floss *through* your teeth. -- Dawn Eng
  • Mmmm! Tastes like chicken! -- Peter H.
  • "This magic rope will make us invisible then all of the food will be ours for the taking!" -- Graham Schreiner
  • The mighty hunters devour their prey. Wait a minute. Where's Spenser? -- Dan
  • This one is for me, you got the last one! -- Christine DiVincenzo
  • Spying a stick in the grass, Scooter and Clayton go for the kill. -- Cara
  • Well I'll be! It DOES taste like chicken! -- bo
  • Another Gazelle falls prey to the wild Beagles of the Serengeti... -- bo
  • Poor Pinocchio never knew what hit him... -- bo
  • A fatal encounter between Pinocchio and the wild Beagles of the Serengeti... -- bo
  • Hey, did you read the instructions? What do they mean "Pick Up Sticks"? -- Hunter
  • Doggie Twix -- D. Philp
  • Scooter and Clayton decide to try the new wood-flavored dental floss -- Melissa
  • So how does this pull the wishbone thing work again? -- Carrie Beagle
  • The best part about Chinese take-out is the chop sticks -- Emma And Melody
  • This is fun Scooter, but wouldn't it be better.... CAMPING?! -- Rebecca Murphy
  • "MmmmmMMmm Lilac Bush branches are our favorite" -- Heather (FaerieStar)
  • Awww come on.. Share with me PPLLEEAASSEE! -- Lynne Willis
  • That, my friends, is why you should never show your annoying brother anything cool. -- Joshua Labelle
  • Oww my eye -- Anthony
  • Scooter if we use our imaginations REALLY hard this is a T-Bone! -- Jenny from Illinois
  • "Say, can you pass the salt?" -- DavidJ
  • Mmmm, Country-Fried Stick !! -- Wedgie-dog
  • "Now I teach you the ancient art of stick chewing!" -- Gavin Muhlberger
  • Beagle Scouts Clayton and Scooter practice their sheepshank -- Lumpy Krishna
  • Just a coupla country dawgs, chewin and talkin. -- J. Syron
  • Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon Dijon? -- KIki and Lady
  • You really should switch to decaff... -- lucinda
  • Safety glasses must be worn no matter what types of wood your working with! -- buster beagle (king of beagles)
  • "Less filling!" "No, tastes great!" -- Tim Luoma
  • We don't smoke and we don't chew
    And we don't go with boys who do! -- K. Spivey
  • "It doesn't taste like speghetti" -- Roddy Day
  • Beagle Tag Team Dental Flossing -- Virginia and Lady beagle
  • Unlike Clayton, Scooter lacks the attention span to do a *true* Zen Stick Meditation -- Rosalie
  • Haiku on Stick Meditation:
    Clayton meditates;
    Scooter tries to take the stick;
    Much gnashing of teeth -- Rosalie
  • Now no fighting, you two!!! -- Nicole
  • Pay attention, Scooter, technique is everything. -- KK
  • Does yours taste just like chicken too? -- KK