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March 25, 2009

These are my new glasses. They are progressive bifocals. The frame is basically two arms with a nose piece, the lenses themselves are unadorned. I also got clip-on sunglasses to fit. Want to guess how much this all cost? Give it some thought while you read about my eyes. I started wearing glasses in second grade and became "moderate to severely myopic" with a prescription of -9.00 in the worst eye. I could barely see anything without my glasses or contacts. In 2002 I finally got the courage to have Lasik surgery. It was like a miracle. Literally overnight my vision became 20/20! It was spectacular, such an amazing thrill to be able to see! It really changed my life. But a few years later I found myself squinting. And each year I became a little more nearsighted, and this year my left eye measured -1.75 and my right eye 1/3 of the way to where it was at -3.00. My opthamologist said that I've regressed more than anyone else on whom he has performed Lasik surgery. (This is actually my second claim to fame -- my birthday is JFK assassination day.) My eyes can't have more Lasik, and while I could have another kind of procedure he won't do it until my vision stabilizes. So I'm pretty much stuck. I'm still glad I had it done and my vision is still much better than it was. But it's a bummer, I had that brass ring and then I dropped it. Oh, and those new eyeglasses? $600!