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March 20, 2008

Hey buddy, ya missed a lot of leaves last fall...

Congratulations to BHS
Winner of this week's caption contest.

This week's runner-up was 1-0-1 for:

Township inspectors check out a suspicious pile of building materials in Dr K's driveway.

The other captions:

  • come on boys ------lets go tattars in the car, there could be treats involved. -- donna +the beagle crew
  • First day on the job and the carpenters are marking their territory! -- 1-0-1
  • If you guys aren't in that car by the count of three you're staying home! -- Rusty's Dad
  • Darn...he's alway watching. -- Junebug's Mom
  • "Come on guys....we have cabinets to build and can't stand around out here sniffing leaves all day!"- Phillip -- Beagles three - Abilene, Texas
  • Break time's over, Boys... Get back over here and finish unloading the lumber! -- Harper, Whisky Girl Beagle's "Mom"
  • What's the hurry? We never win the weekly caption contest anyhow.... -- Scout and Scott
  • I don't want to go! I want to stay home and sniff! -- Monika
  • "Take us to the park, Jeeves" -- Annie, Brady, and Calvin Cohen
  • Let's see if we can convince Phillip to take us for a special walk. This driveway is boring!!!! -- Jed
  • Hey, where you going? I think I found something to eat here!!!! -- Jed
  • Are we going on a walk or on a ride? -- Samantha
  • The boys patiently wait for Phillip to jump in the back of the stationwagon. -- Judy S
  • I know I put that bone somewhere! -- martin
  • Lords of the manor and masters of all they survey! -- Christine Feldman
  • What are we waiting for? -- Sadie and Rose
  • It's the Dr. Phil house! -- Rhomylly and Bridey
  • Come on boys. the car. We're off to the Girardville,PA St. Patrick's parade. -- BestBeagleGirl#2
  • Lord of the Beagles -- Lucy's mom
  • Owing to a dearth of cows, Phil correctly predicted he could stand on the driveway till the beagles come home. -- Happily Hounded
  • Loading the car is hard work! -- molly belle
  • ok, you go back in, I'm gonna roll in this! -- larryo
  • When beagles triangulate.... -- Freddie and Sonic's mom