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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter

March 12, 2009

Not long after we adopted Spenser in 1996, he and Clayton had a fight. I don't remember what caused it and it wasn't too big a deal but it shook me up. A few weeks later it happened again. This time it was in the middle of the night and quite serious. Not only were both boys injured but I was too. Phillip was out of town (it usually seems to work this way) and I had to call a neighbor to take me to the ER. I had several cuts to my hand and a puncture wound to my thigh. (Think about that the next time you considering intervening in a dog fight.) Anyway, this completely unnerved me and I have always been afraid of them fighting since then. In 1999, we arrived home from a vacation to find Clayton with stitches and a drain in his neck after a fight that night. (My cousin, who missed the fight, had to take him to the emergency vet.) There have been a handful of fights since then. Just about all are started by Clayton, and all are won by Spenser.

You've seen photos of the boys sharing a plate after dinner and that used to be no problem at all. When it came to food they knew their boundaries and no one got hurt. But recently, Spenser has been giving Clayton a very stern warning bark if he comes anywhere near him when food is around. That was all, just warnings. Tuesday night I was giving Spenser some leftovers after dinner when Clayton came in. I gave him a little bit as well and then turned my attention to loading the dishwasher. That's when it started. I'll be honest, I kind of freaked, but did have the gumption (or perhaps stupidity) to grab them both by the collars and pull them away from each other. Spenser came out of his collar but fortunately did not take the offensive and I was able to push Clayton in the bathroom. Like that night in 1996, Phillip was not there to witness it, but he was only outside taking out the trash and returned shortly. We examined the boys and found some minimal bleeding on Clayton's ear but nothing signficant. Spenser, as usual, remained unscathed. Clayton spent the rest of that evening and night in his crate, growling whenever Spenser got too close. But he got up the next morning in a much better mood. We will have to be vigilant and hope that this won't happen again. Let me tell you, we are all TOO OLD for this!