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March 25, 2008

I spent the first 33 years of my life in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and if you are or ever have been a New Englander you'll understand my shock (okay, horror) at learning that Phillip got a fantastic job in New Jersey. Because New Jersey is an ugly state with wacky drivers and the highest property taxes in the nation. Well, the third part is true, the second is kind of true, but the first is simply not true unless you're driving the northern stretch of the New Jersey Turnpike where the oil refineries are located. So when we saw a house for sale with 5 acres along the gorgeous Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park we grabbed it. The canal is a 44 mile waterway built in the early 1830s to transport freight (using mule-driven barges) between New York and Philadelphia. Now it's a state park enjoyed by by walkers, runners, bikers, horseback riders, kayakers and canoeists. And the best part is it's across the street from our house!

I took Spenser for a walk on the canal last Sunday. There is a huge abundance of interesting odors along the path and when he wasn't meticulously sniffing them he was yanking me from one to another. It's pretty aerobic, even with the rest intervals. In just a few weeks this rather brown scene will become suddenly, verdantly green! At which time the canal will become strictly off-limits to the boys because otherwise they would become walking, sniffing vectors of poison ivy. Sorry, guys!