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March 14, 2008

Opening Day at the Easter Egg Training Camp.

Congratulations to David

This week's runner-up was Scooby's Mom for:

Headline News: Two unknown assailants attempted a break & enter at Augusta National a month early...

The other captions:

  • What have they been eating? -- BHS
  • which one are we supposed to retrieve, they all smell alike -- patricia egger
  • I think there's too much rice in our diet! -- bailey n gypsys dad
  • These are funny looking easter eggs the bunny left. -- Tricolor dog
  • who says us neutered guys don't have balls?! -- rusty blue eng
  • tails from the new jersey outback -- molly eng
  • Couldn't find them when they were attached...can't find them now. -- Junebug's Mom
  • A "tail" of three golf balls! -- Brandy's Mom, Tampa
  • A golf ball hunt replaces the Easter egg hunt at the Kramer household this year. -- Angela
  • Doggie Paws and Golf Balls In The Grass -- Lynne C
  • the beagles hear a who
  • Watch that beagle hazard on the rough beyond the fifth hole. -- Gomez & Lily, the Adventure Beagles
  • FORE!!!! legs..... -- maggie moos mum
  • Some caddies carry their things in a bag... others are more resourceful -- Sammie & Freckles beagles
  • Being kosher, Clayton and Spencer make a mess of an Easter Egg hunt -- Diamond's daddy
  • Man, I knew I shouldn't have ate those! -- Amber and Eddie
  • I told you those were not supposed to be eaten. Now look what you have done! -- Tom Brackney
  • Maybe it's time to cut back some on the PeepsŪ. -- Paws for Thought
  • Yeah they hit them over here, but they ain't get 'em back!! -- Rebekah Ray
  • dogs just wanna have fun! Let them play golf. they'd be better than some people. -- maranda french
  • Beagles in the rough. -- Becky - Beaglemom
  • Fore! No, there's only 3............ -- Dylan's Mum
  • That's what I call "in the RUFF" -- Harper
  • It's the Easter Beagle layin' eggs! -- Michele Krause
  • Shooting two under par is an eagle, not a beagle -- Bri & his Beagles
  • White????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? -- Judy S
  • A Tail of Two Tails? -- Sir Sammy
  • we'll use our tails to invent a new game...."Beagle Polo" -- Sue
  • the snow has melted & look what we found...missed them during fall clean-up -- go4the golfer
  • wow, I thought dinner last night had a funny texture to it, but we're beagles & we eat anything. -- Rose48
  • Do you expect us to fetch all of these golf balls? -- Samantha
  • We prefer to fetch tennis balls, not golf balls. -- Jed
  • Oh!!! The annual Easter Egg hunt!!!! -- Ashley Dretzka
  • The story of two tails and three golf balls -- K9ster
  • New from Purina-White Beagle Chow! Get some today -- bonniesdogdad
  • The boys prove that beagles are scent hounds, not sight hounds. -- Peter H.
  • I didn't know beagle eggs were round! -- Jenmo
  • "Hey Clayton, I thought we left these at the vet a long time ago!" -- CassieBeagle
  • Practice for the Easter egg hunt. (Hardboiled, aren't they?) -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo