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March 28, 2007

Actually, it was 82° here yesterday and the only snow still around are those huge dirty piles at the mall. But I haven't used this picture of Spenser yet and I like it a lot.

But never mind the weather, the big news is that Spenser's 17th and LAST radiation treatment is today! I'm very happy to report that he does not appear to have had any side effects from the radiation. We haven't seen him pay any special attention to his butt (the tumor was on one of his anal glands), he hasn't had any diarrhea, and his energy level has not changed. This has been a huge relief as you can well imagine. Phillip has a call in to the oncologist to find out what kind of monitoring and follow-up we can expect. Yesterday I sent along a little gift for Sandy, the vet tech who has taken care of Spenser each day. She's so nice to us, and obviously to Spenser as well because he is all huge tail wags when she comes out to get him. She says he's back there a little longer than necessary because he's so popular and everyone wants to play with him. That's our Mr. Man.