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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter

March 26, 2007

What follows is a complicated story about how Tootsie (featured above) and her sister Buttercup (who looks like Scooter) came to spend this week with us, so pay attention. We lived in Baltimore, Maryland from 1993 to 1998. In 1995 we bought our first house and in anticipation of that we submitted our application to the SOS Beagle Rescue. We were approved and the week before we closed on the house we went down to NJ and to choose from among the beagles that Linda Forrest had for adoption. Clayton was an easy choice. He came right up to us and did a perfect "butt-up". We were smitten. The day after we moved into the house we went back to pick up our new boy. After a year we decided that he needed a sibling, so we adopted Spenser from a beagle resuce in Massachusetts. His owners were moving to England and didn't want to put him through the 8-week quarantine. Around about this time I started Beagles on the Web, at that time just a collection of links to people who had beagles. The web site grew and and one Christmas I announced a contest for the best beagle-related holiday photo. I received a lot of entries and my favorite featured a beagle hauling Santa's sleigh. I wish I still had it. The winner's name was John and his beagle's name was Walter. John and I became email friends. Fast forward to 1998 when Phillip was offered a very good job in New Jersey. I mentioned our move to John who told me that he lived very close to where we were moving. The day after we moved the doorbell rang. Phillip answered it and there was a man with a beagle who said, "I know you don't know me...." when Phillip interrupted him to say, "you have a beagle, you must be okay, come on in." John was a very nice man and we soon met his wife Diane. Diane has two daughters, Becky and Courtney. Courtney was in college in Delaware and when she graduated she came back to live, temporarily, with Diane and John. I will never forget the night I received an email from Courtney telling me that beagle Walter had been hit by a car (intentionally it seemed). I felt devasted for the whole family. Not long after, a stray beagle ended up near their house. They took her in and Courtney's father decided to take her. And not long after that, another beagle showed up! She was a pretty lemon girl who they named Buttercup. Buttercup became Courtney's dog and later they moved into Courtney's own house. Fast forward again when an adorable little beagle from SOS Beagle Rescue needed a foster home and passed through my hands en route to Courtney who offered to foster her. She was a little beagle, probably only half the size of Spenser and she was quite a pistol. What energy that little girl had and HAS because she hasn't changed a bit. Like us with our foster Scooter, Courtney ended up keeping her little foster girl who became Tootsie, for Tootsie Pops, because she had quite a predilection for licking. Now, up until this point my cousin Marcy (Matisse's mom) was beaglesitting at our house when we went on vacation. A whole week at our house was a long time so I asked Courtney if she might be able to stay with the boys for a few days. She said yes and the rest is history. When Courtney and her now husband Mike go away (as they are this week) they leave Tootsie and Buttercup with us, and when we go away, they move in here. (The boys do better at home.) So what began as a photo contest for BotW has become friendships with both generations, Diane and John, and Courtney and Mike. And built-in beaglesitters!

Here is Courtney with Scooter, from last May.

A few people have asked about donations in Scooter's name. Thank-you so much for your generosity. We would be grateful for donations to go to the SOS Beagle Rescue's Dot Schuda Memorial Fund. Dot was a wonderful woman who met Scooter on several occasions. Clayton is an SOS alum as was Scooter.