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Chronicling the life of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter

March 16, 2007

Our friends and dogsitters Courtney and Mike are going away next week and we will take care of their beagles Tootsie and Buttercup. Buttercup is the lemon girl who looks so much like Scooter, I would often get them mixed up. It's going to be a little tough but we're looking forward to the beagle energy they bring. Courtney wrote me last night talking about beaglesitting and Scooter.

"When you opened the door at your house, all the beagles would be stepping on one another barking like crazy and making for a difficult entrance. About 5 minutes later or so Scootie would walk in like "Oh hi, when did you get home?" There was a night with Scooter that we'll never forget. It was just on your last trip and he was an absolute nut job when we came home. He was running around like crazy up and down the stairs. It just serves as another example of how full and how happy his life was. He was as blessed to have you as you were blessed to have him."

My continued thanks to all who have written. Although it is hard not to cry when I read your notes, I cannot begin to tell you what comfort they bring. I plan to print each note and put them together in a binder, to keep along with a few other items which will remind us of Scooter. One of those is his stuffed dreidel (a gift from my friend Julia) which has lasted incredibly for several years and made its way into many of the DD photos. That toy was always in Scooter's mouth.

Scooter was not an observant Jew, but he could certainly dress the part.

In addition to his dreidel he loved his pink squeaky bone. I found it
out in the yard the other day, faded but intact after our mild winter.

And he also loved his Uncle Bob, who with Aunt Rita travelled from
Massachusetts last weekend to visit their Scootie for the last time.

Scooter would have driven to Massachusetts if he had the keys.

How we miss you, Scooter.

A few people have asked about donations in Scooter's name. Thank-you so much for your generosity. We would be grateful for donations to go to the SOS Beagle Rescue's Dot Schuda Memorial Fund. Dot was a wonderful woman who met Scooter on several occasions. Clayton is an SOS alum as was Scooter.