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March 2, 2007

I should have slipped the hostess a milkbone.

Congratulations to Rusty's Mom,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Abbey Hicks-Syron Beagle for:

Contrary to popular opinion, hospital food is DELICIOUS!

The other captions:

  • Where is the paper ? -- beagle bill
  • I'm poorly - I DESERVE breakfast in bed !!!!!!!!! -- JBs Mom
  • Some ketsup please -- Debi Saula
  • Well, I wouldn't recommend it, but there are some perks. -- carlsca
  • Room service forgot the ketchup, again! -- Becky - beaglemom
  • Collar..itchy...chemo...nasty Breakfast in bed in front of your brothers.....priceless! -- Sammie Beagle
  • nothing like breakfast in bed on a cold march morning -- molly beagle eng
  • Breakfast in bed!...this sick business might not be so bad after all! -- maggies mommy
  • Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper stood in shocked horror at what Blue had done to Reverend Egg. -- Trixie's (and a toddler's) Mom
  • I should have tipped the maitra'de and maybe I would have been seated at a better table -- Rusty's Dad
  • This food from L.A. Weight Loss is good! Not like that fattening dog foog. -- Judy
  • And where's my side of bacon? -- lois & Andy B
  • Nothing beats breakfast in bed!!! -- Laura
  • Pillow Service, now that's what I am talking about! -- Laura Gray
  • Where is the hot sauce? or Where is the bacon and toast? -- Jo Ann Sherman
  • Tabasco sauce, please? -- Karen Klein
  • waiter waiter..I need some ketchup and a side of hash browns and bacon! -- Lady & Tramp Catania-Beagle
  • AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!I'm so cute aint I? -- brooke pries
  • That woman sure knows how to cook!! -- Jake Austin
  • what? no bacon or toast? -- ScoutSadlerJake
  • staying at the finest hotel, lounging in bed all day, ordering room service...priceless!! -- Junebug's Mom
  • A fork? I asked for chopsticks! -- Regina & Magic the blind beagle
  • Garcon, where's my toast??? -- Henry the wonder beagle
  • Got Bacon.................. -- Dave Bell
  • Welcome to the Beagle Bistro! Breakfast in bed is served! Enjoy! -- Samantha
  • mmm, me and my cheeky look! oh and waiter! ten more courses please! -- Dylan the Beagle
  • Breakfast in blankie. -- Beagles-R-Us
  • Next time you're in NJ, try the Scrambled Egg entree at the Kramer Waffle House! Lip Smackin' Good! -- Barb Shaw
  • Scooter enjoys eggs-cellent care at L'Hotel Kramer -- snarfle
  • Kramers B&B, where the elite meet to sleep and eat! -- 1-0-1
  • Where's my side order of Oinker Roll? -- 1-0-1
  • Where's the toast, bacon & home fries? This is not like "the diner." -- Melissa and Brandy
  • oh baby you looking good !! -- francesca
  • "What no salsa?" -- Sparkle's dad
  • On Dr. Seuss' birthday, Sam I Am, I'd rather have green eggs and ham. -- BestBeagleGirl
  • Scooter Pie with eggs on the side! -- Biscuit's Mom
  • Waiter, I will have may tea now -- max's dad
  • and the fork is for.....??? -- Shiloh's mom Martha
  • Nothin' like breakfast in bed! -- Shiloh's mom Martha
  • it's good to be king!! -- Shiloh's mom Martha
  • Ya know, for hospital food this ain't half bad! -- Abigail van Beagle
  • Not bad, but would you happen to have any Grey Poupon? -- Rosco von Wienerneck
  • I thought the service here was good, but where is the oj? -- Chester and Diana Beagle's Mom
  • EGG-Zactly what the doctor ordered! -- Mo Hicks-Syron Beagle
  • Breakfast in bed suits me just fine! -- tricolor dog
  • Gee thanks Mom and Dad great breakfast !!! -- k9ster
  • More seasoning please waiter! -- Maggie moo's mom
  • WHERE'S THE BEEF! -- Cookie
  • You'd think since I've been sick they would get the seasonings right! -- Cookie
  • I do so like green eggs and ham! Thank you! Thank you, Sam-I-am -- Rusty-Man's Momma
  • Breakfast in bed! What?? No catsup!! -- oldgrandpa
  • This is what I call room service -- Giulio
  • Green eggs and Ham? No, I prefer mine Au natural! -- BeagleFiend
  • Uh, I hate to bother, but I ordered raisin toast, too... oh and some bacon, too. -- Dixie's Aunt Vic
  • Yummm.....breakfast in bed. -- April Patterson
  • You can't beat the room service in this Beagle 'n Breakfast. -- Jake in Richardson
  • The difference between real eggs and egg-beaters is readily apparent. -- Judy S.
  • Not the Blue Plate Special -- The "Blue Blanket Special"! -- Benny's Mom in Wisconsin
  • Breakfast in Bed -- Steve
  • YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- BILOXI
  • "No Scooter. I said scramble some fighters, they fly in a saucer." -- Jody Rich
  • Smilin 4 my cuz! -- LANISHA
  • What! Spam and Eggs! Does it look like I'm in Hawaii? I ordered Steak and Eggs! -- Rosco's mom (a soy sausage and eggs person)
  • Why does Scooter eat only one egg? Because one egg is un oeuf. -- Joie de Beagle
  • Where's the beef? -- Sadie and Rose
  • I can't believe it's not butter! -- Ms. Bluebonnet
  • Mmm..breakfast in bed, but aaaa dude I'm a dog. No fork and I cant' sprinkle. -- Tom Brackney
  • So delish, but could use a bit of parsley. -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • Just like at the Waffle House on the way to our last diving expedition! -- remyjoe
  • Where's my damm Toast! -- Paola Venturini