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March 10, 2006

It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to sort the laundry.

Congratulations to Irene Fisher,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Jody Rich for:

"Find the getaway car? I won't even be able to find the bank."

The other captions:

  • the rare endangered elephant-beagle -- Todd & Allison
  • When you said "sniff test" I was thinking a whole different game. -- GOSADLER38
  • I am not an animal! I am a human being! oh, never mind. -- Baci's mom
  • Scooter: "I think I want to be an elephant for Purim" -- carlsca
  • The first Kramer bio-terrorism drill is going swimmingly. -- Elisabeth in Baltimore
  • No, no. I said put a sock IN it! -- Ben
  • who turned out the lights? -- max's mom
  • I know there's a treat in here somewhere!!!!!!! -- k9ster
  • Yep - It's clean enough to wear again -- Meg Az.
  • Scooter discovers one of the hazards of celebrating Christmas. -- Sabueso
  • They'll never find me in here! -- Peter H.
  • It's a bird it's a plane it's a snuffaluffabeagle -- Roy Jackson - Rusty & Maggie's Pop
  • Look it's a Beaglephant! -- Ruby
  • Mr. Snuffleupagus -- tri color dog
  • And now he finally understands that Beagles cannot put on clothes easily. -- beaglelover
  • I know there's a treat in here somewhere... -- John H.
  • If you didn't mean it, you shouldn't have said it ! -- Scout's Other Half
  • The Ultimate Beagle Muzzle (TM) Keeps your dog entertained while you clip his nails -- Charlie's Mom
  • Give me all of the cookies in the drawer, and noone gets hurt! -- jc
  • where'd ya of the sock! -- Lady & Tramp
  • Snuffle-up-a-gus
  • Sock it to me baby!! -- Buster's Mom
  • Scooter auditions for the coveted role of Snuffy on Sesame St. -- Libby and Emily
  • Now I know I saw a foot in here last night. -- Bill King
  • I think the sock is supposed to go somewhere else, but I can't see where! -- Sue
  • "Betcha you can't guess who I am!" -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • Scooter attends his first sock hop. -- Zoey Gooddog
  • "Okay -- now just point me at the dog food store." -- Meg Gooddog
  • "Your kibble or your life!" -- Meg Gooddog
  • "What's the number for the SPCA?" -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • Follow your nose, it's all that knows -- Anne C.
  • Scooter's impression of a sock puppet. -- Whisky Girl's "mom".
  • Scooter wonders what life's like for a platypus. -- Kramer and Gandolf
  • Hey, who turned out the lights? -- BJW
  • Is this funny, do I amuse you , does it look Iike I am laughing? -- max's dad
  • Canis Snuffleupagus -- Dave Dwyer
  • And God created the Beagle-Anteater (not one of His proudest achievements) -- Chuck Fisher
  • It Smells So Fresh......I Just Can't Help Myself! -- jillian
  • While napping, Clayton and Spenser treat Scooter to a sock on the head. -- brownsbeagle
  • How cute -- Danielle
  • Fruit of the Loom........... vintage 1978 I believe. -- beagle maxx
  • "My dignity's ruined and my spirits are sunk, surrounded by darkness and a terrible funk." -- eric lange
  • "Hey Spenser, Clayton, look--I'm Lawrence of Arabia!" -- good soup
  • Hey I thought there was food in here. Sure smelled like it!!!!! -- Madalina
  • I really think all the good smelling stuff is at the bottom -- rdog
  • it is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- amy
  • Snufflescooterupagus -- Roo's Mom
  • I know I hid those treats somwhere... I can smell them! -- dylan s
  • He must have put it in here, he must have, he must have... -- beaglelover
  • Dumbo the remake... -- Maggie Moo's Mum
  • The elephant in the living room -- Graham's mom
  • Guess why the hold up was unsuccessful -- Wondicky in Tokyo
  • Please don't look at me!! This plastic surgeon drastically messed up. -- Caroline
  • Ahhhhhh-----nothing better than a well used sock! -- oldgrandpa
  • Having developed a taste for strawberry jam, Scooter decides to sample toe flavor. -- Dick Goodman
  • Scooter dresses for Halloween Trick or Treating. -- Dick Goodman
  • When Scooter walked into the Bank of America, everyone dropped to the floor. -- Dick Goodman
  • And they said it was supposed to be Mountian Fresh !!! ...PFFFT ! -- Herk
  • Gold medalist Scooter Kramer explains how to conquer the fear of your first ski jumps. -- Randy N.
  • An ebullient and dyslexic Scooter was told to "put a sock in it." -- Barbara R.
  • Gimme the Money ! -- Urara
  • The winds are calm, but a bit smelly. -- Virginia and Tinker
  • My impression of 'Snuffelupagus' -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • "You see how well I act like an elephant?" -- beaglelover
  • Scooter prepares for his event at the Winter Paralympics Games -- Simon
  • What I have to go through for dog treats.... -- Steven M. Burke
  • Dogs Don't Know It's Not Bacon!! -- Cheryl Seppala
  • Do you think they will believe I am an elephant? -- Marie
  • sock it to me!! -- Diana
  • Scientists have named the new species Elephas Newjerseyensis -- K Spivey
  • Laundry day and the sock monster strikes again! -- Carolyn
  • sock r nocker -- matt
  • Who needs Cat in the Hat when you have "Scoot in the Sock" -- rosco's mom
  • I smell fungus! -- Sharon
  • In his continuing treatment for sleep apnea, Scooter demonstrates his unique sleeping mask. -- Jasper, Daisy, and Julia Wonderlin